Monday, December 28, 2015

Second Experimental Patch

A little bit more progress on the Junketsu patch, but only through Tia's first time in the prologue.

If you have Junketsu installed, same story as before, download the file, put it in your Junketsu Megami-Sama folder, and see how well the text does and doesn't display, and what gets captured by various text hookers.

I was working on it over the holidays, so it doesn't really translate much (again, just through Tia's first time in the prologue), but it does translate the choice option and chapter titles in the prologue. If you, fair reader, are up to it, this means you can test it so I can see how well these things do and don't work with text hookers and if there will be any problems getting the english version to "work" on different operating systems. None of the changes have made the game crash on launch, at least - more than what I can say for Swaneye titles.

In other news, HaraKano is on Ren's route still. Haramiko is on Uzuki's route still. Maman still needs to be revised and rewritten. I'm finally getting back to Mahoyo, though at no quick space, but I'm not certain if I should try to continue from where McJon01 left off, or just do the entire thing. I'm leaning towards the latter, if only because I'll probably do it better that way.

As usual, special thanks to everyone who has donated, especially to one certain individual, LR, who has donated four times(!). I really appreciate it, and judging by how many times the laptop crashed while translating this little, I probably really need it. Thank you so much.

Merry belated Christmas if you celebrate that sort of thing, kick-ass awesome Kwanzaa if you celebrate that, superb Solstice, happy Hanukkah, and so on and so forth. Happy new year, when we get to it~

I'd draw you all some Holiday/New Year thank you art, but yeah, no.

Thanks all!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Something to be thankful for? Experimental Patch.

Hello all,

Not much to say; I've been a bit busy with various things and various other things, not all of which have been fun. Harakano is, of course, still being worked on, as is Haramiko, and I hope to eventually get around to more of Mahoyo (though the first five chapters have already been translated thanks to the work of McJon01, and is available now for download. Check it out here).

In the meantime, though, it's Thanksgiving in the US, and the harvest time around much of the world. Usually a decent time to give thanks for what we have and show gratitude.

At some times, in some cultures, this thanks would be dedicated to certain gods and/or goddesses, ones that provided food, worked so the harvest would be plenty, and ensured the ongoing of life. Fertility gods/goddesses.

Relatedly, if anyone happens to have Junketsu Megami-sama installed, there's an experiment I would like some help with.

If you happen to have Junketsu installed and know your way around game engines and/or text hookers, you should download this patch:

Once downloaded, go to the folder where you have Junketsu Megami-sama installed (you might want to make a duplicate of it). Rename the original file to something else , then move the downloaded file into the game's folder.  You should still be able to run the game (if you can't, you should tell me about it).

What this is is an experimental patch to translate Junketsu Megami-sama. It is by no means complete (it only goes through the first scene or two of the introduction), and it doesn't display properly.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find some way to get the text to display right (provided, of course, that you have the skill working vn engines), or (if you don't have that skill) perhaps find the proper text hooker to run alongside the game so that the text hooker can hook the english text from the game and display it properly somehow (provided you know how to work modern text hookers).

Depending on how good or bad this goes (and the interest in it) I might try to take on all of Junketsu, and explore what other issues might come from creating an english translation for it (I only hope it doesn't have the savedata issues that Swan games have).

Other than that, Happy thanksgiving, happy harvest all!

Unrelatedly, if you happen to be feeling thankful for LQT's translations of varying quality and are capable of being generous, donations would certainly be appreciated, for some of the above mentioned less-than-fun things that have suddenly come up. I'd like to thank everyone who's supported LQT, enjoy my work, and have had the patience necessary to wait for said work to appear. I would like to give special shout out the eight anons who have donated a total of 142 dollars over the past year; your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

For reasons, I will not be posting any updates on Junketsu to the LQT twitter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

HaraKano - Ayana Seno's Route 100% English Patch

Hello all,

After weeks and weeks of working, hours and hours of revising, thousands and thousand of lines (14k), and tons and tons of car repairs and other annoying unexpected expenses, the English patch for Ayana Seno's route is finally completed!

Ayana is nice, semi-competant girl who happens to be a tomboy, and is probably my favorite heroine in all of HaraKano (but that's just, like, my opinion, man). Story wise, her route has a little more going on for it than Marina's does (though Yuichi remains as dense as ever for a lot of it), and hopefully you will find it as entertaining to read as I found it to translate. It was actually kinda fun.

The new patch translates 100% of Ayana's route, 100% of her epilogue, and has been revised from its initial translation for better flow in English. So, with this, the HaraKano english patch now features the common route, all of Marina's route (and epilogue) and all of Ayana's route (and epiloge) in full English.

You can download the patch from here:

To install, just extract all the files/folders from the .zip archive onto your computer, then move them directly into the folder where you have HaraKano installed (overwrite any pre-existing files). Note that it works best when HaraKano is installed directly onto your C: drive somewhere.

Please be advised: since the patch updates the scripts in the game, there is a chance that if you have previous save files from HaraKano, they may not be compatible with the new patch and thus may not load anymore or might cause the game to crash upon launch (this is when the infamous script error box appears). If this happens, exit all the error messages, make sure Harakano's .exe is closed in the task manager, then delete the folder named "savedata" in the HaraKano game folder and relaunch the game. It should run now, and when you begin the story, it should be in English. This will erase all your progress, but is unfortunately the only way to get the game to work with the new patch (to make up lost progress, remember many computers let you hold down CTRL to skip through text in visual novels, including HaraKano).

Meanwhile, HaraKano is still not finished. I am planning on doing Ren's route as well, then may move on to other projects (such as MahoTsukai no Yoru, provided no one has finished it by then. People should really work on it.) I also still have Haramiko to finish (though no one seems to care about that game, unfortunately), along with more from Batta., so look forward to that, maybe.

I'd like to thank everyone for continuing to have patience with my (s)Loe Quality Translations, and would like to give special thanks to the few anons who have donated to LQT so far. It is extremely helpful. Extremely. If anyone reading would also like show their appreciation and donate, as said, it's extremely helpful, and you can find the links to the LQT donation page on the right bar (or just click here). Harakano fanart could also potentially be a cool way of showing appreciation.

At any rate, I hope everyone enjoys Ayana's route; Tomboys need more love.

Thank you all again,


(Did you know, that once you download and install the English patch, if you look inside the 'patch' folder you can find a text file named HaraKano Side Notes which contains different facts, details, and notes on HaraKano, the characters, and the translation of their routes? Check it out, but be sure to enable word wrap!)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru

Years and years and years ago, I was in Japan, wandering around a used game store. I had just acquired a Japanese ps2 and was looking for some games for it. I came across this 'Melty Blood: Act Cadenza' game, which I remembered hearing about from my Guilty Gear days, back in the US. I bought it, played it, and almost instantly became interested in this surprisingly nonchalant looking character, Aozaki Aoko. That was my first experience with anything Tsukihime.

Fast forward two or so years, during my second trip to Japan, I just so happened to be lucky enough to be in Akihabara when, after so much delay, pic related finally got released:

 As a dedicated Aoko main and poor saver of money, of course I couldn't just NOT get it; I bought it on the spot, to keep until I had the time to get around to reading it, which I never did. Then, much later (just some weeks ago from now) there was a Mahou Tsukai no Yoru thread on /a/. I posted the above pic asking for tech help to finally start a translation project for it, and lo' and behold, some days later a kindly anon emailed me and provided me the script files to the game.

So, long story short, I am translating Mahou Tsukai no Yoru.

I realize this has already been done (in theory) and there are a number of groups already working on this (in theory), but as I've yet to see any of these projects finish, I'm going to start anyway. I will be translating the game from the beginning, working at whatever pace I can manage. I welcome any and all help I can get on this (it deserves the extra care, after all), but I make no guarantees or estimates on when the translation will be finished, or even when a playable demo patch might exist (that's one of the problems I need help with).

If another group finishes before me, more power to them and I look forward to reading their finished work. If no group does, well that's a hell of a shame, but I hope my translation will be adequate. I believe there are around 200+ script files for the game in total, of which I have completed 2.2 of. So yeah, no completion estimates whatsoever. Thank you all for your support and interest


Saturday, August 1, 2015

HaraKano - Marina's Route 100% English Patch Released

Hello all,

After entirely too long of waiting, Marina's route is now finished, and available via the patch below! This patch translates the common route, Marina's route, and Marina's epilogue 100% in English, and has been read and revised for better flow of English.

Now you, too, can enjoy probably the most slice of life, moege-esque visual novel ever to be labelled a nukige! Watch Yuichi be dense, count the cliches, wait for the plot to never arrive! It's really, uh, quite something, though I feel like Marina's route might, in fact, be one of the least interesting to go through. Oh well~

Read it now, and decide for yourself!

To get the patch, simply download the .zip file from the following link:

To install, extract the contents of the .zip archive directly into the folder where you have HaraKano installed, overwriting all files.

If you have any save files for HaraKano when you install the patch, before you starting the game, BE SURE TO DELETE YOUR SAVEDATA FOLDER. For some reason, the English patch does not work well with save files from the Japanese scripts or from prior iterations of the patch. If you have the game properly installed but get a script file error when you try to run the .exe after you install the patch, kill every HaraKano.exe with the task manager, delete the save files, THEN try to run the appropriate .exe to run the game.

As always, thanks to Bonzaimonkey for providing me the files necessary to create this patch, and thanks to all of you for being so patient for it (and for not minding the April Fools -100% patch way back when).

Feedback, of course, is always appreciated - LQT can be reached either here, or via the LQT Twitter:

Thank you all for your support and patience, and if anyone feels especially thankful, donations are also always appreciated via the donation section on the sidebar. Thank you all again, and my apologies for not releasing this nearly as quick as I had hoped. Things have been busy...


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Update and about Menus

Hello all,

Still working on HaraKano. The entire common route is done for Marina, Ayana, and Ren. I am currently revising it for higher quality, spelling, and oversights, so that it will read better from an English perspective. This means re-arranging and re-wording some things, so it will be a step further away from a 1-1 translation, but it'll just be better.

Still working on HaraMiko. Half the harem route is done, and working on Uzuki's route. This translation I am also revising and re-wording for higher quality of English, so it should read pretty well, too, when it's finished.

I want to start work on MahouTsukai no Yoru. I've mained Aoko in Melty Blood for years and I've been wanting to do this project so much, I bought the game when it was released in Japan (lucky me, I happened to be in Tokyo at the time). BUT I talked to Bonzai about a patch, and it looks like he cannot extract the script files or make a patch without the decryption key for the game. If anyone can help with that, please comment here or email me. I'm really ready for something non-ero, non-swan to work on. And Sensei a best.

HaraPara is 100% done, except for the two scenes featuring the little sister. I will not be working on them, though, so there's that.

Mamankyoushitsu is 100% done, all routes, all lines. It is unrevised, though, so I need to do that sometime (not there's much demand for that), so it reads better, looks better, and just is of the higher quality I'm expecting of myself for my Loe Quality Releases.

CONCERNING HARAPARA AND MAMANKYOUSHITSU: I notice a number of people have wanted translated menus. I unfortunately can't do that with my current patches for the game, but I've made something to help in the meantime: Translation guides for the important menus for both games.

So, for a menu guide to HaraPara, please check this Imgur album:

For a menu guide to Mamankyoushitsu, please check this Imgur album:

As usual, thank you all for reading and for your support and patience. Special shout out to everyone who has donated to LQT. I'd list you by name, but that's probably not a good idea. Still, it's nice to be appreciated.


If anyone wants to donate a PS4 to LQT, a certain skeleton at Square Enix's E3 conference convinced me I should probably get one. Just saying.

(Fuck yeah, Yoko Taro!)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Still around and working on the Backlog: HaraPara 100% complete!

Hello all,

Suffice to say, I've been busy with numerous other things, like always seems to happen. But I am not gone or disappeared or anything, and while I've been dealing with things, I've been working on the Backlog of projects:

HaraPara is finally complete!

I think it was either the first or second project that I began for this translation group, and I've finally taken the time to finish it. It's been so long that it's doubtful anyone even still has it installed, but regardless! Presenting the Hara Para English Patch:

To install:
Install HaraPara however you may, anywhere on your computer's C:// drive.
Download from the Mediafire link above.
Extract all the contents of the archive
Move the contents into the folder where HaraPara is installed.
Delete all the data in the HaraPara's savedata folder
Run the game. It should be in English.

This patch translates 100% of each Natsuki's, Toua's, Kukuri's, Shion's, and Yuuna's routes, 100% of the Harem route, all the endings, all the common routes, and Mei-sensei's one(?) scene. TL;DR it translates pretty much all of Hara Para. The only thing is does not translate are the two H-scenes featuring Yuka, because I just couldn't (it translates the limited plot WITH Yuka, though, so there's that). It also contains some slight revision, and removes all the totally lame -SFX- translations, since back in the day, I was too lazy to actually bother to translate all of Swan's written sound effects.

As this is a game that  was translated over my entire translating career, though, expect marked differences in quality for each route. The first route translated what Natsuki's, followed by Toua's, and then Kukuri's. Only now did I finish with Yuuna/Shion's route and the Harem route, so no doubt they probably all read kind of weird from one to the other. I might revise the entire thing if it proves I have time, though that will be after HaraMiko is finished and Marina's, Ayana's, and Ren's routes are finished with HaraKano.

I apologize for taking so damn long with HaraKano, but things have been up and I have been slow.

Thank you all again for your patience and support, and hopefully I will be able to do more and finish more soon.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

HaraKano 44% Beta Patch

Hello all,

The HaraKano translation is still underway and still nowhere near finished. However, I have just completed translating the Scenario2.ks file, which brings it that much closer to being done. After this is the Scenario3.ks file (around 8,000 lines), followed by Marina's route (10,000 lines), Ayana's route (13,000 lines), Ren's route (15,000 lines), and the epilogue stories (1000-1800 lines each). As usual, I have not the time to go through and proof read everything, so if anyone is interested, they can download this beta patch and read through it for me.

The patch can be downloaded at:

and applied to the Harakano game as usual.

Questions, comments, concerns, spelling corrections, missed Japanese, and et cetera can be posted in comments to this blog or tweeted to me at LoeQuality.

Apologies as usual for the lack of revision and probable spelling mistakes. I'd like to make fewer, but, well... the Loe Quality Laptop (the laptop on which the HaraPara, Maman, HaraMiko, and HaraKano translations have all been done on) has had a hard life. ;_;7

Thanks as always for everyone's patience, and for everyone's assistance so far. If you would like to support LQT, feel free to assist with editing and/or donations are always appreciated.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

HaraKano Alpha Patch ~25%

If you may recall (or just scroll down), the last blog post, I mentioned the current state of HaraKano. I've been working at it extensively since then, and have completed all of Scenario1 (14,000 lines total). I've begun working on Scenario 2 (600 lines so far), but I feel that if I want to keep making progress on the translation like I have, that means I will have decidedly little time to go through and revise/correct what I've already done.

This is where you can come in, if you so choose.

If you have HaraKano installed on your PC, you can download the Alpha version of the translation patch (which covers a little over a third of the common route) and read through it in-game.

Then, as you read through it, if you could post any spelling errors, missed Japanese text, or mistakes you find with the translation as a comment on this blog post or as a tweet to the LoeQuality Twitter (just enter the text where the error appears) that would help immensely, as I'll be able to quickly find said error and correct it - without having to scan through thousands of lines of text and code myself. I get to focus on translating more of the game, and you get to know the characters better and see the state of the translation so far.

Just note: This is in no way complete. No routes are done, the common route is unfinished, and (unless I randomly picked some story parts to look at) it is really ONLY the first third of the common route. Only download and install it if you want to see the start of the story, and want to help try and find errors. I will also not be helping people with problems installing the game or the patch, as it is NOT DONE YET, and time spent doing that is time I could spend working on it more.

If this seems like a cop-out and you'd rather LQT do the editing 'in-house', for the record, LQT is not actually a team of translators; there's just me, doing all this. Life comes before the translation project, and completing the translation comes before correcting it, which comes before revising it (if I ever get that far).

That in mind, if you'd like to help support LQT and my translations more, feel free to donate via paypal (it's a good way to guilt me into focusing on it more), spread the word about these releases wherever, and kindly help others that are having trouble getting them to work. Swan games can be finicky like that.

So, without further ado, here is the ALPHA patch for Harakano:

Save the .zip and extract the contents of it directly into Harakano's folder, right alongside all the game files.
Delete everything in the "Savedata" folder before running the game, since the translation patch has a tendency to not work with the un-patched savedata files and breaks the entire game.

In other news: HaraKano has overrode HaraMiko and HaraPara for my main project right now, and all other side projects are on hold, though there may be an update from Batta soon in regards to the Fox-Wife comics.

Thank you all for your support and patience.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Regarding HaraKano.

I notice that a lot of people are patiently awaiting HaraKano, and have been for quite some time. Personally, though I like some of the characters, it is not my favorite Swaneye story (it seems like a really long episode of Friends), but whatever. Many keep asking when it will be released. Have no fear; this is not an announcement that it won't be released. I have been working on it, but there is still a lot to go.

Just how much?

Here. Let me show you:

Harakano is divided into the Common Story, the Individual Routes, and the Epilogue Stories.

The common route is divided into three scenario files, which then branch into the character routes.

Scenario 1: 14,000 lines (Current progress: Line 7630)
Scenario 2: 13,427 lines (Current progress: Line 599)
Scenario 3: 08,144 lines (Current progress: Line 0)

For my release of Harakano, unfortunately I only plan to translate Ayana, Marina, and Ren's routes.

Marina's Route: 10,577 lines (Current progress: Line 0)
Ayana's Route: 13,010 lines (Current progress: Line 0)
Ren's Route: 15,033 lines (Current progress: Line 0)

This will include the special epilogues.

Marina Epilogue: 1,823 lines (Current progress: Line 0)
Ayana Epilogue: 1,077 lines (Current progress: Line 266)
Ren Epilogue: 1,462 lines (Current progress: Line 0)

According to mental math, that's around 78,551 lines total.

Not every line has Japanese text to translate, nor will I be translating every line of the common route (as I am focusing on three characters alone), so the number is not quite as large as that. Maybe about a third or so that size.

But that's the gist of it.

I am attempting to go at a pace of 1000 lines a day, and translating them with better quality, spelling, grammar, and flow than Mamankyoushitsu, though I do not know if I will bother extensive revising, as that will make the release even longer in coming. Meanwhile, life does take priority.

As always, you can follow LoeQuality on twitter for further updates (only a little more frequently than here), and if you would like to support the work of LoeQualityTranslations, donations are always appreciated for various reasons.

Haramiko is also in the works for Uzuki's route (1000~ lines of 8000~ lines done there, as well, plus Harem end), along with other things, but due to popular demand, I'll finally try and focus on HaraKano.

Thank you for your support and your patience.