Sunday, January 25, 2015

Regarding HaraKano.

I notice that a lot of people are patiently awaiting HaraKano, and have been for quite some time. Personally, though I like some of the characters, it is not my favorite Swaneye story (it seems like a really long episode of Friends), but whatever. Many keep asking when it will be released. Have no fear; this is not an announcement that it won't be released. I have been working on it, but there is still a lot to go.

Just how much?

Here. Let me show you:

Harakano is divided into the Common Story, the Individual Routes, and the Epilogue Stories.

The common route is divided into three scenario files, which then branch into the character routes.

Scenario 1: 14,000 lines (Current progress: Line 7630)
Scenario 2: 13,427 lines (Current progress: Line 599)
Scenario 3: 08,144 lines (Current progress: Line 0)

For my release of Harakano, unfortunately I only plan to translate Ayana, Marina, and Ren's routes.

Marina's Route: 10,577 lines (Current progress: Line 0)
Ayana's Route: 13,010 lines (Current progress: Line 0)
Ren's Route: 15,033 lines (Current progress: Line 0)

This will include the special epilogues.

Marina Epilogue: 1,823 lines (Current progress: Line 0)
Ayana Epilogue: 1,077 lines (Current progress: Line 266)
Ren Epilogue: 1,462 lines (Current progress: Line 0)

According to mental math, that's around 78,551 lines total.

Not every line has Japanese text to translate, nor will I be translating every line of the common route (as I am focusing on three characters alone), so the number is not quite as large as that. Maybe about a third or so that size.

But that's the gist of it.

I am attempting to go at a pace of 1000 lines a day, and translating them with better quality, spelling, grammar, and flow than Mamankyoushitsu, though I do not know if I will bother extensive revising, as that will make the release even longer in coming. Meanwhile, life does take priority.

As always, you can follow LoeQuality on twitter for further updates (only a little more frequently than here), and if you would like to support the work of LoeQualityTranslations, donations are always appreciated for various reasons.

Haramiko is also in the works for Uzuki's route (1000~ lines of 8000~ lines done there, as well, plus Harem end), along with other things, but due to popular demand, I'll finally try and focus on HaraKano.

Thank you for your support and your patience.


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  2. Only 3 routes translated? RtK, here i come!

  3. Too bas Kanna, Kaho and Haruka routes won't be translated, matures FTW ! Anyway good luck with the translation.

  4. Are you sure you won't be translating any of the other routes? There are little to no translated eroges featuring older heroines (excluding Maman Kyoushitsu, thanks again for that) and it would be super cool if you could help turn that around.

    1. Unfortunately, without guaranteed returns, no.

    2. Sorry, but what do you mean by "without guaranteed returns"?

    3. I got bills to pay, and spending the extra time to translate the other HaraKano routes will do nothing to pay them :C

    4. Oh I see. Thanks for clarifying.

    5. I don't suppose you have a number in your head about how much it would take for a completed game lol.

    6. Do you mean a completed Harakano, or just any game?

      I hear the running rate for game translations is one cent per Japanese character translated.

      BUT, considering that Harakano is made up of thousands of lines with usually 10-20 characters each or more, this would add up to a hell of a lot - most likely an unreasonable amount.

      As for me, personally, I just have a $3000 appendicitis bill and $400 a month rent to take care of. Make of that what you will?

    7. Lol was afraid of that, suppose I'll just have to machine translate the rest of Harakano. But thanks for what you will put out anyway it really is awesome to have some of Swaneye games in english.