Friday, August 30, 2019

The current backlog.

It's been quite awhile, so here's the most recent update for... everything.

Via various means, I (or someone else) can currently make patches for these games:

Junketsu Megami-sama

Iegami Nyoubyou


Mahoutsukai no Yoru

So these are currently 'a thing'.

I have other things that I would like to be a thing, but they are currently beyond my means. If you might be able to help with that, check out the list of them here:

It'd be nice to have an actual update for any of these things to give you, but real life comes first and I haven't been able to work on them as much as I'd like to, and as much as I wanted to. My apologies.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Happy birthday to me, another present for you - Harachuchu!! 100% English - COMPLETE

Hello all,

After entirely too long, HaraChuChu is finally complete. I have translated and revised all of the routes, all of the epilogues, and all of the bonus explanations. It is 100% done and ready to be enjoyed.

Harachuchu is the last visual novel SwanEye made for their "Hara~" series of games, and may be one of their best works (though that is not saying much). It features a vampire (who is half succubus), a teacher, two mothers, and more. I enjoyed tranlsating it much more than HaraKano, and I hope that you will enjoy it, too.

Download the patch here:

Once downloaded, extract ALL the files from the .zip archive.
Move the 'patch.xp3' file and the ENTIRE 'patch' folder (with everything inside it) directly into HaraChuchu's folder.
Overwrite any old files.

NOTE: if you have an old version of the Harachuchu english patch, you should DELETE the 'savedata' folder from your Harachuchu folder. I edited and revised pretty much everything, and Swan games don't like it when you have old savedata files but new scripts.

Once done, launch Harachuchu. The menus will be in Japanese, but the game its self should be in English.

Don't forget to check out the HaraChuChu Translation Notes also included in the patch, for some neat info and general notes about the game, the characters, and the translation. Do what you will with the three random wallpapers.

For a guide to the menus, please check out this imgur album:

For the game its self, you can buy HaraChuChu from a number of digital retailers, including DLSite and DMM, though it might take some work to do so. You can also buy physical copies of HaraChuchu from for like, half the price, but then you have to figure out how to get it shipped to you.

For the record, I have also updated the HaraKano JOKE patch for a little bit more fanservice and stuff near the end of the route. Again. This will be the last time I modify the patch, I swear. If you are interested (and still have HK installed) you can download the latest version of the joke patch here:
In the 'patch' folder in Harakano's folder, just rename the original scenario1.ks file to something else, download the one from that link, and move it directly into the 'patch' folder. Start HK and start the story. Pardon the outdated references.


I began translating Harachuchu years ago, hoping to release it in time for Halloween. That clearly did not happen, but... whatevs. I hope you enjoy it now, and I thank you all for all your patience waiting for this release.

Shout outs to S.A. for donating 10 dollars, and another shout out to M.U. for the one dollar monthly donations. It is appreciated.

By and large, this concludes the interest I've had for translating SwanEye's materials. At least... for now. For everyone waiting for more from Junketsu, I must sadly ask you to keep waiting, because real life must come first, and I have not been able to give it the time it deserves. So far.

Thank you all again for all your patience and support, and let me know if there's any blatant spelling/grammar problems with the translation.

Kukuri best girl.