Thursday, January 24, 2013

Patch Errors?

Hello all,

It's been awhile since the last full update and I'm sorry to say this isn't one, either. However, I hear reports that at least one version of the translation patch for Mamankyoushitsu doesn't work when you finish the birthing scene with Saera; I apologize for taking so long to correct this error, though the newest version of the patch should do it:

This also is the most up to date version of the patch, featuring some improved dialogue, some translation mistakes (Japanese text still appearing, broken dialogue options, split text) corrected, and all of Mimeri's options leading into her route translated. It also contains some of Mimeri's route its self, but not anywhere near done. Working on it.

Meanwhile, if you ever find an error or glitch or mistake (even spelling mistakes) in the translations I do, please post here or email me about them. I found out about this game-breaking glitch for Mamankyoushitsu on another board, and I would have corrected it much sooner had the posted posted about it here and not there. Anyway, thank you all for your time, and to those of you that have donated: I greatly appreciate it. After Mamankyoushitsu is complete, I believe I'd like to go into those other projects I've mentioned and put a bit more focus on Kitsune-mimi related media. I have 7 volumes of the Wagaya no Oinari Sama light novel here with me, along with  I think eight of the manga which has yet to be translated beyond chapter two. I enjoyed the series, so I think I want others that enjoyed it to be able to go deeper into it as well since, well, I doubt this series will ever get as much western attention as Haruhi or Spice and Wolf (both of which people should support the western translations of).

Thanks all