These are the past, current, and future projects for LoeQuality Translations. Active projects get all of my attention and will have the most work done on them. Future projects are projects I would like to do once the current active projects are finished. Completed projects are done.

Active Projects

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru

The nigh infamous Type-Moon visual novel that everyone's waiting to be translated.
I have the script files for the game to translate, but no patch to actual implement translated scripts into the game. This makes it hard to translate the game, as any translation I do will have to fit within to parameters of the patch.

If you have a patch to implement translated Mahoyo scripts, please let me know.

In the meantime, these are the three scripts I have translated. If you have a patch or want to make a patch, use them to see how well they work with the patch: 

Junketsu Megami-sama

A love-comedy eroge by Lune-Soft, featuring shrine maidens, goddesses, and many erotic scenes. Alpha patch #2 available.

Download it here:

To install, extract the two files from the .zip archive and put them into the folder where Junketsu Megami-Sama is installed, then run the game using the 'PURE_GODDESS-mod.EXE' file. The prologue should be translated, and should be much more legible now. If you do not want to use the modded .exe patch, simply delete the 'PURE_GODDESS_mod.exe' and/or run the game using the game's default PURE_GODDESS.EXE. Thanks to BinaryFail for the help!

Future Projects

The works of Canzume Quality and Batta

To find his works (still in Japanese), you can check out his blog (linked above), his Puboo HERE, or his Pixiv account BATTA, or his Booth CANZUME QUALITY.

Batta is a manga artist living and working in Kyoto, who writes and illustrates his own manga. His works are majorly highschool/kemonomimi/battle based, many of which he has made available for free online.

Completed Projects


The Fox Girl and Miss History [ENG], by Batta

A one-shot work about a kitsune girl who lives with a freelance photographer.

Fox Wife Mini-Comic collection [ENG], by Batta

Another one-shot about a kitsune girl who marries a human guy and their life together (both safe and not safe for work content).

Kyuubi no Monogatari - A Nine Tailed Foxes' Tale [ENG] by 山中樹

A one-shot story I noticed on twitter, by the artist Yamanata2ki, written like a fairy tale. It's about a special fox, who happens to be one of Yamanaka Ta2ki's original characters.

NSFW Manga

Ero Onsen Yukemuri Chijou, by Tensei-kun

Official title: [Tensei-kun] Ero Onsen Yukemuri Chijou | Erotic Onsen Steam Blind-Love (COMIC Masyo 2011-11) [English] [Loe Quality Translations] [Digital]

A small h-comic, featuring a group of girls vacationing at an Onsen ran by the main protagonist and his family.

View on g.e-hentai (NSFW):

The Dryad's Brides, by Mira
Official title: [Mira] Dryad no Hanayome-tachi | The Dryad's Brides (2D Comic Magazine Yuri Ninshin Vol. 2) [English] [LoeQuality Translations] [Digital]

A short h-comic featuring two runaway witches, and yuri.

View on g.e-hentai (NSFW):

Hot Blooded Maternity, by John K. Pe-ta

Official title: [John K. Pe-ta] Nekketsu Maternity | Hot Blooded Maternity (comic KURiBERON 2017-04 Vol. 54) [English] [LoeQuality Translations] [Digital]

The continuation from an earlier comic, featuring a gym teacher and her married (and expecting) life with her former host club partner.

View on g.e-hentai (NSFW):

NSFW Visual Novels

HaraMiko Shimai

A short visual novel about a travelling college grad who comes across a Shinto Shrine being ran by two sisters. 100% Translated and revised! LQT's first visual novel featuring actual quality effort.

Download the patch:

Extract the files from the .rar and put them all into your Haramiko folder, run the game, and enjoy.

For a guide for the Haramiko UI, check out this imgur album:


One of LQT's first translation projects, and it clearly shows. It is done poorly. Translation is unrevised and unedited. Translation was written using only Windows notepad, and thus had no spell check option either. H-scenes featuring the younger sister remain untranslated.

Download the patch:

Extract the files from the .zip and put them all in your Harapara!! folder (overwriting any old versions), run the game and enjoy.

For a guide for the HaraPara UI, check out the imgur album here:


Swaneye's fourth title, a non-serious slice of life highschool love comedy. 100% translated and revised. All routes were translated by LQT translated, and Dekiru Translations  translated the h-scenes featuring the character Hiyo. A parody translation was also made, written by LQT for April Fool's Day 2014.

Download the basic patch here (translates only the in-game text):

Download the Ultra patch (made by friendly user Donovan, which translates all the game menus and introduces some other changes to make the game read better) here:

Extract the contents of the zip and move them into the folder where HaraKano is installed (overwriting any old versions), run the game and enjoy.

For a guide for the HaraKano UI, check out the imgur album here:

The HaraKano 2014 APRIL FOOL'S day patch is available in both the official patch and Ultra patch, inside their patch folders (check 'HaraKano Side Notes.txt' in the patch folder for more information). OR,you can get the newest version of it right here:

Harakano PARODY ROUTE (last update: August 19, 2018, added more banter, reference to Harachuchu):
LQT's Harakano Parody Route

If you have an English patch installed, simply download this .ks file and put it into the folder named 'patch' in your Harakano game folder. BE WARNED, this file will replace the 'scenario1.ks' file, which is part 1 of the real game's english common route, so rename the original 'scenario1.ks' file BEFORE you move the parody route file into the patch folder. If you do not, you will have to redownload/re-extract the English patch again to get the original 'scenario1.ks' file again, so you will be able to play/access the real game again without using a save file.

Copies of the game:Harakano's Download Edition (featuring character viewer) is available here: DLsite

Physical copies of HaraKano may be imported from Amazon (via third party service) and are located here: Low price versionOriginal print


A love comedy eroge set largely at a maternity clinic. Features extensive pregnancy and impregnation themes. 100% available in English, but only the 
Common route, Saera's route, and Mimeri's route have been properly revised and edited. They are better now. 

Download the patch:

Extract the files and put them individually in your Mamankyoushitsu folder (overwriting any old version), run the game and enjoy.

For a guide for the Mamankyoushitsu UI, check out the imgur album here:


A love comedy eroge by SwanEye, featuring Vampires, teachers, and various erotic scenes

Download it here:

To install, simply download the Extract all the contents to your computer, then move the 'patch.xp3' file, and the 'patch' folder and its contents into your HaraChuChu folder. Overwrite any old files, then launch the game.

Be advised that the English patch is not compatible with save files from the Japanese version of the game. You are advised to delete HaraChuchu's 'savedata' folder (if you have one in the HaraChuChu directory) BEFORE installing the English patch to the game. Otherwise, it might not launch.

For a guide for the Harachuchu UI, check out the imgur album here:


  1. Replies
    1. Depends on source material, length, and time, though I ca look at what you might want translated and tell you whether I could or not.

  2. Could you translate by listening to Japanese audio?
    I'm the designer of a Minecraft mod which appears to be popular in Japan, and a video creator has made many showcases of it with text to speech audio commentary. He does quite a good job of it.

    I can follow some of it (I lived in Japan for awhile) but some of it escapes me. I'm actually in close communication with him directly via Google Translate.

    Here's the latest video:

    1. Is this a monstergirl type mod for minecraft? It looks pretty cool, though what do you want translated exactly? It looks like the video is petty much a general outline of all the things you can do and create playing as the Spiderlady in Minecraft, though I think you already knew that.

  3. I like your taste. Hope to see some more translation.

  4. Will other swaneye games be steadily translated?

    1. I am currently working on Mamankyoushitsu, HaraPara, and slowly slowly HaraKano, though would like to begin HaraMiko soon (as I've already know the script and it's fairly short). Other Swan games may follow, though I would also like to do some Norn and other genre games entirely.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. *edit*
      A while ago I saw a short guide posted on how to extract and translate Miel games. I think, they might be similar to Norn games in the way their files are organized since they are from the same parent company. I don't know if this helps at all, but here's some images:



    4. Norn and Miel are sister companies, so the process should be entirely the same, I think. I found one of those images before explaining how to do it, though thank you for linking me the second one as well.

  5. Hello I've just recently donated to your site to help your work, and I personally think you're doing a great job.

    Though i would personally love to see some Norn games in here too, as i've been looking around for hours on end for translations, but the only one i can find is Akuma Eris, which is a shame as their other games seem very interesting too.

    Not that Akuma Eris is bad or any such thing, I love the character and the game in general, would just wish there were more.

    I any case, whether you take up the games is of cause entirely up to you. In any event keep up the good work :)

    1. I thank you for your support; I'd actually really like to do some Norn games, but the problem is I don't have any experience in how to properly extract scripts from a game and repack them once they've been translated. The only reason I can do it with the Swan games is thanks to Bonzaimonkey, who does know how to do it. Once I figure out how, Norn games are short and sweet enough that they wouldn't be too hard, but again, that's only once I figure out how to work with the scripts :T

    2. If nothing else i wish you luck, and keep yp thre good work.:)

  6. do you need to have used an earlier patch for other content and things or does the most recent one cover everything but what your working on now? if so think somethings wrong since the menu is not translated, and was trying for saera route and coming across untranslated parts and parts that have translation showing up after it shows the japanese text first

  7. found i was going down wrong route for saera but now notice atleast in saera's route not sure about others yet that you keep mixing up momo's name with mimeri

  8. Hi there, hope all is well

    how is Hara Kano going?

    Thank you!!

    1. Harakano is so incredibly long as compared to Maman and HaraPara that it currently is taking backseat to shorter, quicker done games such as Haramiko. Even when I get around to it, though, I think I may only bother to do Marina's, Ren's, Ayana's, and Kaho's routes, though, unless a lot of people really want the other Heroines.

  9. Anyone else experiencing SFX errors with HaraPara? Just installed, everything worked fine so far translations and so on. But whenever there's translation text in the H-scenes that says -sfx- I don't hear any effect. Is that how's it supposed to be? It plays only some sounds (like the zipper from time to time...) The climax sfx also sounds like some kind of clunky sound effect, is that normal or intentional?

    1. When I translated those sections of Harapara, I was really new to the process and just decided to do it really low quality.

      What it is is that Swaneye's writer's like to narrate sound effects that go along with erotic scenes (example: "gyu! gyu! schunyu!"), often to a silly degree. It felt weird just writing out each sound effect, so I unfortunately took the easy route and just summarized them all as -SFX-. It's only occasionally that the -SFX- line in the script actually comes with a real sound effect (like the unzipping sound), so that's why you hardly ever hear the effect when you play through the game.

      All in all, it's me being too lazy then to think of something better (or at least write out each effect, no matter how silly), and Swan being too economical to actually put a relevant sound effect for each sound effect line.

      I kind of corrected this in later projects (which is why you now see -thrust- and other lines so often in my swan translations; it's just the line where the Swan author wrote the sound effects), but it's still a bit lackluster.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Good luck with Hara kano ! I hope it goes well

  11. Thanks for all your hard work. Some of these games I played years ago, cool to see them in eng now.

    Anyways any chance of you doing stuff from Blackrainbow? They made some classics of the genre they worked on 'hypnotism/ntr', Saiminjutsu 2 and the fandisk, shame licensors won't probably ever bring it over because some of the characters are below 18.

    If you take commissions let me know, really interested seeing Saiminjutsu 2 and the fandisk being translated, for Saiminjutsu 2 you can ignore the blond hair girl and the other school girl with red hair routes from translating them, only interested in the Mother/Aunt/niece/nextdoorNeighbor.

    Let me know if your interest, still thanks for your work you made.

  12. Do you take requests into consideration when choosing projects? I'd love to see End Sleep by Lilacsoft and Dark Blue by Lilim Darkness translated sometime, but no one seems to be interested in either of them to bother translating them. Even if you don't, its good to see someone working hard to translate for those of use who don't know Japanese.

  13. more power to you and your team...
    its december 25,2016 now so merry christmas!!
    and advanced happy new year, may more vn's become translated for years to come! and also thank you for your teams hard work!

  14. hey, just curious as to if you have read wagaya no oinari-sama, and if you have would you think it's worth finding someone to help me translate it, or would it be to hard?

    1. There's the Wagaya no Oinari-sama manga and the books. The comics should be easy enough, no problem (provided you can edit the page images and everything).

      As for the books... I don't think the Japanese used is too complex, from what little I read of the first book, but it would certainly take a lot of time to go through all of them. The good news is that the first book seems to be the longest one, so if you can get through that one without too much difficulty, the others should only go faster.

  15. If you are going to translate it would you think about giving priority to Hara Min? Since its prequel of other 2 Swaneye games you have translated/ing (even though stories are not really connected with each other).

    1. Unfortunately, I have no plans to translate Haramin. I have the script files for the game and will send them to anyone who wants to try (and have done so twice), but I do not have any plans to work on it myself.

    2. Is there any reason for particularly avoiding it?

    3. At this point, I am kinda tired of SwanEye's writing style, and hypnotism isn't really up my alley, either. Haramin isn't short like Haramiko, so I'd rather work on other projects from other eroge developers

  16. hi
    can you translate bunny black 3?

    1. I don't have any of the tools I need to handle that project, sorry.

    2. Tools:

      Eng. Interface Patch: