Friday, December 30, 2016

Harakano Correction and other things

To start off, something came to my attention in the comments for the HK complete patch: a user was having trouble getting 100% of the CG scenes, and noticed one scene from the harem route looked like it was cut off.

I looked into and found out they were totally right: the first ero scene from the harem route (Hiyo and Haruka) did get cut off in the english patches, both Donovan's full patch and my own (since for that scene, I just used Donovan's translation). Naturally, that's a bad thing, so I went into the script files and corrected the mistake (and updated the translation).


If anyone is encountering this error (and if you used any of the final patches for Harakano, you most certainly are, even if you don't know it), you can correct it by deleting whatever English patch files you are currently using and installing the LQT complete patch, located here:

This will fix the problem, let you view the entirety of the scene (with English, yes), and allow you to unlock all the CGs that are part of it, so you can get 100% CG completion without having to use the premade savefile included in Donovan's patch. I also did a couple minor fixes to some of the other script files, and updated the Parody Translation just because I wanted to. Unfortunately, using this patch will make the menus of HaraKano again be in Japanese. Unfortunately, I have not been able to contact Donovan to see if he'd be willing to update his full patch again, and I don't know how to do it myself. My apologies, and hopefully Donovan will see this post and be willing to go through the hassle. Again. Sorry, man; it keeps happening.

Secondly, while I'm slowly revising my Mamankyoushitsu translation to be, well, better and more readible (it was never revised when it first came out, and the entire patch was done using windows notepad), I am not currently working on any other Swan game, nor do I have plans to work on HaraMin.

BUT, if you or anyone you know wants to try and resurrect the Haramin project, I do have access to the script files and can and will send them to you, with instructions on how to edit them. I also have the files for Harachuchu, Hitozuma Oneesan, and Yanmoe if anyone wants to try their hand at them.

I'd like to work on Harachuchu and Hitozuma, but at the moment that is not a thing.

Third... happy new year and all that. 2016 has been an interesting year (among other adjectives) and I'm glad I was able to finish both Haramiko and HaraKano for your reading(?) pleasure. I would like to thank everyone for your interest in the titles, for your interest in LQT's projects, and for your support and patience as I slowly, slowly went through them. 2017 is already looking like it will be interesting too (if for all the wrong reasons), but good luck to you and yours - though hardly related to the contents of this blog, the world has a lot of challenges facing it. We live in interesting times. Don't let you and yours, or anyone else's, get wrecked.

As for things related to this blog, I'm slowly, slowly, looking at Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. I have the script files and will probably start posting any of the ones I finish, but I still don't know how to turn these script files into an english patch, or what format the translated files should be in if there was to be a patch (do I have to use the same amount of characters per line that the Japanesescript does? Can I add lines to the game, or would that break it entirely? Does the engine support special characters? etc etc). It is a problem.

Junketsu Megami-sama is much easier to work with, aside from the fact that I don't know how to make the game engine display the english translation in non-squished together characters. There are ways around it involving other programs, but that's hardly efficient. Whatever the case, my hopeful hopeful release date for anything Junketsu related would be Mother's Day, 2017. Because.

I would also like to work on at least some of the games in my vndb wishlist, but the problem is lack of script files and an english patch, and of course time. Oh well.

But again, thank you all so much for your interest in LQT's projects and your support of LQT over these past years.

Happy New Year, welcome 2017.