Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy birthday to me~ Haramiko 100% Translated!

It's January, which means~ birthday time! Happy birthday to me, so here's a present for you:

Haramiko 100% English Patch!
I wanted to take care of a bit of my backlog, so I decided to finally finish Haramiko before starting on any other major length project. After days of work, hours of review, and more, I have finally completed it! The story of Haramiko is now 100% in English - the common route, Hazuki's route, Uzuki's route, and the Harem end. I even revised it, so hopefully there's more quality and fewer errors.

HaraMiko is a visual novel by SwanMania, released back in 2008, about Shrine maidens, spirits, and a little bit more~ Check out the vndb page for it at

Interested? Want to check it out? You can download the patch here:

To install the patch, simply extract all the files and folders from the .zip archive and put them into Haramiko's install folder, same as every other SwanEye/Swanmania patch I've ever done.

There was pretty much no demand for this game, but it's actually probably my favorite Swan title, despite being a shorter nukige game. The UI is, as usual, untranslated (I don't have a patch for that), but in order to make it a little more accessible, I created an imgur album which contains image guides for the game. If you need it, feel free to check it out here:

HaraMiko UI Guides

As always, thank you for all your support. Another shot out is in order for the friendly anon ChPe who donated 10 dollars; it's definitely appreciated. If you feel like supporting LoeQuality Translations for this or any other work, feel free to check out the donate page at the right.

I hope everyone enjoys HaraMiko as much as I did, and I apologize to everyone waiting on Ren's route. It is, unfortunately, still in the works.

Thanks all~