Thursday, June 25, 2015

Update and about Menus

Hello all,

Still working on HaraKano. The entire common route is done for Marina, Ayana, and Ren. I am currently revising it for higher quality, spelling, and oversights, so that it will read better from an English perspective. This means re-arranging and re-wording some things, so it will be a step further away from a 1-1 translation, but it'll just be better.

Still working on HaraMiko. Half the harem route is done, and working on Uzuki's route. This translation I am also revising and re-wording for higher quality of English, so it should read pretty well, too, when it's finished.

I want to start work on MahouTsukai no Yoru. I've mained Aoko in Melty Blood for years and I've been wanting to do this project so much, I bought the game when it was released in Japan (lucky me, I happened to be in Tokyo at the time). BUT I talked to Bonzai about a patch, and it looks like he cannot extract the script files or make a patch without the decryption key for the game. If anyone can help with that, please comment here or email me. I'm really ready for something non-ero, non-swan to work on. And Sensei a best.

HaraPara is 100% done, except for the two scenes featuring the little sister. I will not be working on them, though, so there's that.

Mamankyoushitsu is 100% done, all routes, all lines. It is unrevised, though, so I need to do that sometime (not there's much demand for that), so it reads better, looks better, and just is of the higher quality I'm expecting of myself for my Loe Quality Releases.

CONCERNING HARAPARA AND MAMANKYOUSHITSU: I notice a number of people have wanted translated menus. I unfortunately can't do that with my current patches for the game, but I've made something to help in the meantime: Translation guides for the important menus for both games.

So, for a menu guide to HaraPara, please check this Imgur album:

For a menu guide to Mamankyoushitsu, please check this Imgur album:

As usual, thank you all for reading and for your support and patience. Special shout out to everyone who has donated to LQT. I'd list you by name, but that's probably not a good idea. Still, it's nice to be appreciated.


If anyone wants to donate a PS4 to LQT, a certain skeleton at Square Enix's E3 conference convinced me I should probably get one. Just saying.

(Fuck yeah, Yoko Taro!)