Saturday, May 30, 2015

Still around and working on the Backlog: HaraPara 100% complete!

Hello all,

Suffice to say, I've been busy with numerous other things, like always seems to happen. But I am not gone or disappeared or anything, and while I've been dealing with things, I've been working on the Backlog of projects:

HaraPara is finally complete!

I think it was either the first or second project that I began for this translation group, and I've finally taken the time to finish it. It's been so long that it's doubtful anyone even still has it installed, but regardless! Presenting the Hara Para English Patch:

To install:
Install HaraPara however you may, anywhere on your computer's C:// drive.
Download from the Mediafire link above.
Extract all the contents of the archive
Move the contents into the folder where HaraPara is installed.
Delete all the data in the HaraPara's savedata folder
Run the game. It should be in English.

This patch translates 100% of each Natsuki's, Toua's, Kukuri's, Shion's, and Yuuna's routes, 100% of the Harem route, all the endings, all the common routes, and Mei-sensei's one(?) scene. TL;DR it translates pretty much all of Hara Para. The only thing is does not translate are the two H-scenes featuring Yuka, because I just couldn't (it translates the limited plot WITH Yuka, though, so there's that). It also contains some slight revision, and removes all the totally lame -SFX- translations, since back in the day, I was too lazy to actually bother to translate all of Swan's written sound effects.

As this is a game that  was translated over my entire translating career, though, expect marked differences in quality for each route. The first route translated what Natsuki's, followed by Toua's, and then Kukuri's. Only now did I finish with Yuuna/Shion's route and the Harem route, so no doubt they probably all read kind of weird from one to the other. I might revise the entire thing if it proves I have time, though that will be after HaraMiko is finished and Marina's, Ayana's, and Ren's routes are finished with HaraKano.

I apologize for taking so damn long with HaraKano, but things have been up and I have been slow.

Thank you all again for your patience and support, and hopefully I will be able to do more and finish more soon.