Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tweet her? I hardly know her!

Loe Quality Translations now has a twitter that I will most likely never use.

Most of the few posts I bother making (if any) will be in Japanese and most likely not exist in the first place. This will still be the place to go to for updates on translation project news, though any other questions, comments, concerns can be posted there and maybe I can answer.

Speaking of news:

Mamankyoushitsu: Momo patch translation is now underway. And there is such a long way to go... But I've begun. So that, the Harem end, and a graphic translation are all left before the game should be 100% unedited english

Friday, February 14, 2014

HaraPara: Kukuri/Iinori Route 100% English Patch

Just in time for Valentine's... weekend, it the 100% English patch for the Harachuchu ROUTE of HaraPara! This ROUTE features characters and settings originally featured in the HaraChuchu VN by Swaneye, in particular Kukuri Dei Deruviruto and Iinori Shiina.

Download the patch (dropbox):

Mirror 1 (google drive): (Upper left corner - file - download. Or Ctrl+S)

To install, extract all contents of the, then drag them and drop them directly into HaraPara's folder, same as every patch for HaraPara and Mamankyoushitsu. If, when playing through the game or attempting to launch the game, you encounter a script error: CLOSE THE GAME.EXE, AND DELETE EVERY FILE IN THE SAVEDATA FOLDER. IT SUCKS, BUT DO IT ANYWAY. Then relaunch the game. This should make the game and its save system compatible with the patch.

Thanks again (and as always) to Bonzaimonkey for his creation of this patch (and the Mamankyoushitsu patch) which make these translations possible. I apologize for the wait, and for every spelling and grammatical error with the translations (every script is unedited as editing would take extensive time). Thanks everyone for your patience and continued support of LQT.

Though concerning support, if anyone would like to make a donation to the 'Get LQT a new External Harddrive' fund*, that would be rather appreciated. Not only are the current two I use rather full, they are also rather old. I fear the day I cannot get them to connect via usb anymore, and have to try and attempt to recover all the project files.

*Funds may also be used for the procural of chocolate. Be forewarned.

Happy Valentine's Day, all.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Not quite dead, no.

Three scenes left in Kukuri's route for HaraPara. Technically, it's the "Harachuchu" route, as the route contains branches for Kukuri and Iinori from Harachuchu (in addition to a scene with Mei). As for Mamankyoushitsu, I've done  bit with the harem end, and in theory a kind anon is workg on editing the script files for cleaner reading (IE no more Japanese text appearing because I forgot to enter a semicolon).