Saturday, July 30, 2016

Junketsu Alpha Patch #3

Hello all,

As of today, I'd like to release a tentative third alpha patch for Junketsu Megami-sama. It should translate just about everything up to (and maybe beyond) day 10 in the Junketsu Megami-sama storyline, though that depends on the choices you make during gameplay.

What it is is I have translated the entire rest of the intro (including Izanami's arrival), and the first TWO choices the player can make for scenes with each goddess (these are all you can choose before they then give birth to their first child). I would have liked to translate each goddesses first birth scene as well, but at this moment I only have that completed for Vishnu. That may change in the next couple of days, but as it stands I am uncertain of my internet options for the next couple days (or longer), so I want to upload this now while I can. There is also one scene that I believe I haven't edited and revised yet, but I don't remember which it might be (so please reply to this post or post on twitter if you find any sort of mistakes, awkwardness, or oversights with my translation). For the record, the choices you can make during some scenes are also not translated, but that's only because I haven't found the script file where the choices are located yet.

Anyways~ With no further delay, this SHOULD be the link for the proper file:

Simply download the .med file and put it directly into the folder where you have Junketsu installed (overwrite the older file). Then run the game and start the story and everything should be in english.

Unfortunately, while it should be in English, it will also be in a rather squished together font type, due to format issues with the game engine that have yet to be overcome. As such, in order to actually read the English script, you will probably have to incorporate the use of a text hooker to catch the english text and display it legibly. There are other methods, I believe, but I have yet to sort that part out.

I thank you all for your patience waiting for this new patch, and I also thank the fans and supporters of Harakano for their patience with that final patch; I will begin working on it now, and hope to have it completed soon (hopefully it will be completed by the time I have better internet again). After that, I will begin -finally- working on Mahou Tsukai no Yoru and looking for a way to get the script for that to work with the game engine.

I thank you again for your ongoing support and interest, and hope you enjoy this release.