Wednesday, February 25, 2015

HaraKano 44% Beta Patch

Hello all,

The HaraKano translation is still underway and still nowhere near finished. However, I have just completed translating the Scenario2.ks file, which brings it that much closer to being done. After this is the Scenario3.ks file (around 8,000 lines), followed by Marina's route (10,000 lines), Ayana's route (13,000 lines), Ren's route (15,000 lines), and the epilogue stories (1000-1800 lines each). As usual, I have not the time to go through and proof read everything, so if anyone is interested, they can download this beta patch and read through it for me.

The patch can be downloaded at:

and applied to the Harakano game as usual.

Questions, comments, concerns, spelling corrections, missed Japanese, and et cetera can be posted in comments to this blog or tweeted to me at LoeQuality.

Apologies as usual for the lack of revision and probable spelling mistakes. I'd like to make fewer, but, well... the Loe Quality Laptop (the laptop on which the HaraPara, Maman, HaraMiko, and HaraKano translations have all been done on) has had a hard life. ;_;7

Thanks as always for everyone's patience, and for everyone's assistance so far. If you would like to support LQT, feel free to assist with editing and/or donations are always appreciated.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

HaraKano Alpha Patch ~25%

If you may recall (or just scroll down), the last blog post, I mentioned the current state of HaraKano. I've been working at it extensively since then, and have completed all of Scenario1 (14,000 lines total). I've begun working on Scenario 2 (600 lines so far), but I feel that if I want to keep making progress on the translation like I have, that means I will have decidedly little time to go through and revise/correct what I've already done.

This is where you can come in, if you so choose.

If you have HaraKano installed on your PC, you can download the Alpha version of the translation patch (which covers a little over a third of the common route) and read through it in-game.

Then, as you read through it, if you could post any spelling errors, missed Japanese text, or mistakes you find with the translation as a comment on this blog post or as a tweet to the LoeQuality Twitter (just enter the text where the error appears) that would help immensely, as I'll be able to quickly find said error and correct it - without having to scan through thousands of lines of text and code myself. I get to focus on translating more of the game, and you get to know the characters better and see the state of the translation so far.

Just note: This is in no way complete. No routes are done, the common route is unfinished, and (unless I randomly picked some story parts to look at) it is really ONLY the first third of the common route. Only download and install it if you want to see the start of the story, and want to help try and find errors. I will also not be helping people with problems installing the game or the patch, as it is NOT DONE YET, and time spent doing that is time I could spend working on it more.

If this seems like a cop-out and you'd rather LQT do the editing 'in-house', for the record, LQT is not actually a team of translators; there's just me, doing all this. Life comes before the translation project, and completing the translation comes before correcting it, which comes before revising it (if I ever get that far).

That in mind, if you'd like to help support LQT and my translations more, feel free to donate via paypal (it's a good way to guilt me into focusing on it more), spread the word about these releases wherever, and kindly help others that are having trouble getting them to work. Swan games can be finicky like that.

So, without further ado, here is the ALPHA patch for Harakano:

Save the .zip and extract the contents of it directly into Harakano's folder, right alongside all the game files.
Delete everything in the "Savedata" folder before running the game, since the translation patch has a tendency to not work with the un-patched savedata files and breaks the entire game.

In other news: HaraKano has overrode HaraMiko and HaraPara for my main project right now, and all other side projects are on hold, though there may be an update from Batta soon in regards to the Fox-Wife comics.

Thank you all for your support and patience.