Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ren Fujino 100% English Patch - Harakano!

Hello all.

Exactly two years ago as of tomorrow, I released a (negative) 100 percent English patch for SwanEye's HaraKano visual novel. It was an April Fool's joke, but no one really appreciated it, and actually got kinda miffed. Partially because of that, I decided to take on a REAL translation of HaraKano, in hopes of translating Marina Tachibana's, Ayana Seno's, and Ren Fujino's character routes.

Two years and over 70,000 lines of text and code later, it is finally done.

Ren Fujino 100% English patch is FINISHED. This patch translates 100 percent of Ren Fujino's route into english, along with her bonus mode epilogue. It has been translated, revised, and edited for better reading, description, and flow of English.

Download the patch HERE:

To install, simply open the .zip archive, extract all the files/folders therein, then move them directly into the folder where you have HaraKano installed. Once done, launch the game. It should run.

IF IT DOESN'T: use the task manager to close every instance of Harakano.exe, go into the folder where HaraKano is installed, and find and delete the savedata folder. At times, something happens when HaraKano detects discrepancies between the text of the user's save files and the text of the English patch, so you have to delete your save data and start over to correct it.

Unfortunately, the patch does not translate any of the buttons or options for HaraKano. As such, I have prepared an imgur album with a guide for the screens and  buttons of HaraKano.

Check the guide out HERE:

For neat trivia and information about HaraKano and the translation choices I made for this project, check out the 'HaraKano Side Notes.txt' that I included with the english patch (it will be in the patches folder, alongside the actual game scripts - but be sure to turn on word wrap after you open it). Alternatively, check out some of the character specific notes HERE:

This completes the three school girl routes of HaraKano, and with it, all I planned to do for the HaraKano game.

Thank you to everyone who waited out these many months, waiting for me to make progress with this game, after the initial joke route two years ago (even if my joke harem end was more inclusive than the game's actual harem end). A special thanks to all the anons who showed their support and gave their support to LQT throughout this translation project. Thank you so very much; as always, I appreciate it.

Will I ever return to Harakano? Unfortunately, probably not. At least, not gratis. I happened to suffer appendicitis awhile back, and while fortunately I survived, unfortunately I survived in the United States, and the little insurance I had for the procedure did not of course cover the costs. As such, I am looking at roughly a 1,200 dollar bill to cover, which probably means needing to look for another job and means less time for translation. I am not against continuing HaraKano, but to do any other character route (or indeed do any character route of any Swan game I'm not already planning on doing), I would probably have to charge for it, and probably to the tune of two hundred dollars. If that sounds reasonable to anyone, by all means let me know; bills suck.

At any rate, thank you all for your continued support. I think out of the three school girls, Ren's route probably has the best story. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed translating it (although, Ren's speaking... tendencies kinda proved, hard to... convey).

At any rate, thank you all again. Please enjoy Ren's route, and of course support the original release (SwanEye has recenlty been re-releasing all the SwanEye titles in low-price physical versions, and HaraKano should be next up after HaraMin comes out at the end of this April. Know an importer? You can get them all from!)