Monday, May 6, 2013


I've graduated! Yaaay.

I've got more time to work on these projects now! Yaaay.

I've got a problem where that this new operating system I was forced to get on this computer (I backed up all the translation projects beforehand, of course) can't quite seem to figure out how to run visual novels. It's unfortunately Windows Vista, and though it looks like it has the eastern languages pack, it can't even run the official demo to Mamankyoushitsu without getting an error. I'm going to try and see if I can fix this problem, though if not I'm going to go and buy Windows 7 (what I'd been using earlier) so I can actually use all this time now to work on these projects. The Mimeri patch had to be put on hold for the last semester at Uni, though it should move much faster once I figure out this problem and can get to working on it. Same with the Kukuri patch for Harapara. Then, it's on to some less erotic works, with maybe Harakano on the side. In the meantime, so... uh... anyone looking to hire a translator?