Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Harakano - Kaho's Route 100% Translated!

Hello all again,

A.M. and M.A. fully funded Kanna's route, and Donovan went ahead and fully funded Kaho's route, and it is now done! Kaho's route and epilogue are now 100% available in english, edited and revised by LQT.

Get the patch here:


To install,  download the .zip archive from the link above.
Extract all the files onto your computer.
Move the extracted files directly into the folder where Harakano is installed (overwrite all previous files).
Launch the game and enjoy?

Kaho is the elder sister of Marina, and daughter of Kanna. Her route is unfortunately the second shortest in the game (second only to Kanna's, unless you count the Harem ending as a route), but I hope you all will enjoy it.

This leaves but one route left to finish before I will be done with HaraKano entirely. It's been a long process, and there's still some more to do, but I thank you all for your patience and your support throughout these past... oh wow, over two whole years. Special thanks to A.M. and M.A. and Donovan, because of whom Kanna and Kaho's routes were completed at all.

Speaking of Donovan and speaking of thanks, thanks to Donovan (again) and RandomInternetUser for funding the final route I will be working on in HaraKano: Haruka's route! I plan to start it immediately, and hope to have it finished soon, a long with all the final bits and pieces of the game I plan on working on.

Unfortunately, I must also announce at this time that I will not currently be accepting funding for further Swaneye projects/routes. My life situation looks like it's going to be changing in a rather large way fairly shortly, so until that gets sorted out I will not be taking on additional translation projects, beyond the current ones. If you'd still like to donate and support LQT, though, it still is definitely appreciated (seriously) and not just because Star Ocean 5 just came out.

At any rate, I thank you all for your ongoing support and continued patience. I hope you enjoy Kaho's route (short as is it; it seems like the writer for Swaneye seemed to miss/ran out of time for a lot of the opportunities a character like Kaho had in the story), and I hope you look forward to Haruka's route.

Thanks again,


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Harakano - Kanna's Route 100% translated!

Hello all,

The first of the funded routes for HaraKano, Kanna's route, is finished! 100% of Kanna's route and after story epilogue is translated, revised, and now available in english!

Check out the patch here:


To install, download the above .zip archive.
Once downloaded, extract everything from the archive onto your computer.
Once extracted, move all the files and folders directly into the folder where you have Harakano installed (overwriting any duplicate files).
Run the game and enjoy (an english guide for the game buttons is available here: http://imgur.com/a/FBzuU).

This patch translates all of Kanna Tachibana's story mode and epilogue. Kanna is the mother of Marina and Tachibana, and good friend to Haruka and the Yagami family. Her route was the first funded route of HaraKano, thanks to donations from A.M. and M.A., and next up will be Kaho's route, followed by Haruka's.

Kanna's route is unfortunately much shorter than Marina, Ayana, and Ren's routes (running at about half the total lines), and like most all of Harakano doesn't make full use of its potential. But it is the way the writer wrote it/how Swaneye allocated the content; it's short and sweet, and unlike some other routes from Swaneye I've translated, it did leave me wanting the game to go into depth MORE rather than wanting it to have gone into depth LESS... not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I thank everyone for their continued interest (and patience) waiting for my translations, and especial thanks to everyone that has gone out of their way to support LQT, be it by donating, commenting, patch assistance, etc. It is all of great help, and I greatly appreciate it.

As said, next up is Kaho's route, followed by Haruka's, and as I work on those I will continue to work on Junketsu Megami-sama and Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - I'm about to go across country and be without internet for a month, so hopefully I can work on all of those more.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest, and hey! If you're really interested in HaraKano and its translation, be sure to check out the HaraKano Side Notes text file either included in the patch folder or posted on vndb here: https://vndb.org/t7521 (updated with each patch update).