Friday, August 30, 2013

Brief Update

Update: Slow train coming down the line | 3 full, long scenes left in Emiko's route.

Currently working on Emiko's route, with roughly 8 scenes left to translate. Regarding the relationship between Kei and his mother, all I have to say is goodness, well that escalated quickly. I know Swaneye tends to ignore/gloss over blood relationships in their games, but seriously. Meanwhile, Harapara is still on hold while I focus on Emiko's route, if only because I think it'll feel it'll feel so awesome to finally have fully completed Mamankyoushitsu. It's nice and all, but man, I really want to have more time for less erotic works.

In regards to Heisei Era Inari War, I'm continuing with it at an entirely too slow of pace (though I don't feel there's many with too much demand for it). I do kinda wonder how other translation projects cope with scans so low quality you can't really read what the kanji in the speech bubbles are, however. Speaking of kitsune and kitsunemimi things, I would like to ask if there's anyone able/willing/interested in making a translation patch for Chorus's "Okitsune-sama no Koisuru Omajinai". Sarasarasasara could be cool, too. Though of course, it would be a long time before I could start on either.

In other other news, it has been a year since I started this translation blog! And in that time, it has gotten over 43,000 views! Man, if I had, like, fifty cents for each of those views, I could almost pay off college. Oh well. I'd post some thank you fan art or something, though I don't think people are too interested in my jawesome Open Canvas skills.