Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru

Years and years and years ago, I was in Japan, wandering around a used game store. I had just acquired a Japanese ps2 and was looking for some games for it. I came across this 'Melty Blood: Act Cadenza' game, which I remembered hearing about from my Guilty Gear days, back in the US. I bought it, played it, and almost instantly became interested in this surprisingly nonchalant looking character, Aozaki Aoko. That was my first experience with anything Tsukihime.

Fast forward two or so years, during my second trip to Japan, I just so happened to be lucky enough to be in Akihabara when, after so much delay, pic related finally got released:

 As a dedicated Aoko main and poor saver of money, of course I couldn't just NOT get it; I bought it on the spot, to keep until I had the time to get around to reading it, which I never did. Then, much later (just some weeks ago from now) there was a Mahou Tsukai no Yoru thread on /a/. I posted the above pic asking for tech help to finally start a translation project for it, and lo' and behold, some days later a kindly anon emailed me and provided me the script files to the game.

So, long story short, I am translating Mahou Tsukai no Yoru.

I realize this has already been done (in theory) and there are a number of groups already working on this (in theory), but as I've yet to see any of these projects finish, I'm going to start anyway. I will be translating the game from the beginning, working at whatever pace I can manage. I welcome any and all help I can get on this (it deserves the extra care, after all), but I make no guarantees or estimates on when the translation will be finished, or even when a playable demo patch might exist (that's one of the problems I need help with).

If another group finishes before me, more power to them and I look forward to reading their finished work. If no group does, well that's a hell of a shame, but I hope my translation will be adequate. I believe there are around 200+ script files for the game in total, of which I have completed 2.2 of. So yeah, no completion estimates whatsoever. Thank you all for your support and interest


Saturday, August 1, 2015

HaraKano - Marina's Route 100% English Patch Released

Hello all,

After entirely too long of waiting, Marina's route is now finished, and available via the patch below! This patch translates the common route, Marina's route, and Marina's epilogue 100% in English, and has been read and revised for better flow of English.

Now you, too, can enjoy probably the most slice of life, moege-esque visual novel ever to be labelled a nukige! Watch Yuichi be dense, count the cliches, wait for the plot to never arrive! It's really, uh, quite something, though I feel like Marina's route might, in fact, be one of the least interesting to go through. Oh well~

Read it now, and decide for yourself!

To get the patch, simply download the .zip file from the following link:

To install, extract the contents of the .zip archive directly into the folder where you have HaraKano installed, overwriting all files.

If you have any save files for HaraKano when you install the patch, before you starting the game, BE SURE TO DELETE YOUR SAVEDATA FOLDER. For some reason, the English patch does not work well with save files from the Japanese scripts or from prior iterations of the patch. If you have the game properly installed but get a script file error when you try to run the .exe after you install the patch, kill every HaraKano.exe with the task manager, delete the save files, THEN try to run the appropriate .exe to run the game.

As always, thanks to Bonzaimonkey for providing me the files necessary to create this patch, and thanks to all of you for being so patient for it (and for not minding the April Fools -100% patch way back when).

Feedback, of course, is always appreciated - LQT can be reached either here, or via the LQT Twitter:

Thank you all for your support and patience, and if anyone feels especially thankful, donations are also always appreciated via the donation section on the sidebar. Thank you all again, and my apologies for not releasing this nearly as quick as I had hoped. Things have been busy...