Saturday, August 1, 2015

HaraKano - Marina's Route 100% English Patch Released

Hello all,

After entirely too long of waiting, Marina's route is now finished, and available via the patch below! This patch translates the common route, Marina's route, and Marina's epilogue 100% in English, and has been read and revised for better flow of English.

Now you, too, can enjoy probably the most slice of life, moege-esque visual novel ever to be labelled a nukige! Watch Yuichi be dense, count the cliches, wait for the plot to never arrive! It's really, uh, quite something, though I feel like Marina's route might, in fact, be one of the least interesting to go through. Oh well~

Read it now, and decide for yourself!

To get the patch, simply download the .zip file from the following link:

To install, extract the contents of the .zip archive directly into the folder where you have HaraKano installed, overwriting all files.

If you have any save files for HaraKano when you install the patch, before you starting the game, BE SURE TO DELETE YOUR SAVEDATA FOLDER. For some reason, the English patch does not work well with save files from the Japanese scripts or from prior iterations of the patch. If you have the game properly installed but get a script file error when you try to run the .exe after you install the patch, kill every HaraKano.exe with the task manager, delete the save files, THEN try to run the appropriate .exe to run the game.

As always, thanks to Bonzaimonkey for providing me the files necessary to create this patch, and thanks to all of you for being so patient for it (and for not minding the April Fools -100% patch way back when).

Feedback, of course, is always appreciated - LQT can be reached either here, or via the LQT Twitter:

Thank you all for your support and patience, and if anyone feels especially thankful, donations are also always appreciated via the donation section on the sidebar. Thank you all again, and my apologies for not releasing this nearly as quick as I had hoped. Things have been busy...



  1. Thanks for all of this!!! But i have a question: are you going to translate the others routes or you will stop HaraKano?

  2. Thanks for the hard work and the patch I hope you decide to translate the whole game but even if you dont I am happy to have any part of the game done. Good luck and thanks again

  3. "Now you, too, can enjoy probably the most slice of life, moege-esque visual novel ever to be labelled a nukige! Watch Yuichi be dense, count the cliches, wait for the plot to never arrive! It's really, uh, quite something, "

    Made me lol, always nice to see someone that can have a sense of humor. :)

  4. I really hope you finish the routes with more mature women: Tachibana Kaho, Tachibana Kanna, and Yagami Haruka.

    I have zero interest in another childhood friend finds love story. It seems like all the hentai focuses mostly on little girls.

  5. Hi there!. I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    I appreciate your work and efforts!.
    I hope you can translate some of the mature women routes as some suggest. It would be awesome if you could do that!
    Either way, thanks for this and best wishes to you.

  6. Hey Loe thanks for all of your hard work. I was wondering if you could help me with the patching, I'm still getting a script error with scenario1.ks. I've followed all of your instructions to the letter but it's still acting up. when I delete the ks file the game runs fine. just wondering if you had anymore advice....other than learning to read Japanese,
    Thanks again.

    1. You should post the script error so I can see what specifically it says, and if it's not the usual problem. There's a good chance it's the usual problem, so go through this entire long process:

      Uninstall the game.
      Reinstall the game, directly onto your C: drive.
      Go through the entire installation process.
      Go through the entire cracking process (assuming you need to).
      Run the .exe once. If it runs, hooray, go to the next step. If it doesn't, something doesn't work with your install and/or computer's set up.
      If it ran, exit the game.
      Use the task managed to kill the Harakano.exe (if it didn't quit after being closed).
      Go to the folder where Harakano is installed on your C: drive and delete the savedata folder.
      Redownload the english patch .zip.
      Extract all the files in the english patch .zip.
      Move the files directly into the game's folder on the C: drive (so there is a patch folder in addition to the plugin folder and a patch.xp3 file along with all the game files).
      Run the game again.
      It should run with no script error.

    2. Hmm still getting the error. Did everything as specified (kind of) I'm using the mmcex.exe instead of the other one, and its installed on my desktop. Tested it without the patch and it works. I don't know if this information helps or not, and I have no clue how to post an image to this site but I did screencap the error report.

    3. mmscex.exe is for Mamankyoushitsu, and not for Harakano.

      If you're trying to play Mamankyoushitsu, you need the Mamankyoushitsu english patch and mmscex demo.

      If you're trying to play HaraKano, you need Harakano's demo .exe and the english patch.

      Whichever you're trying to play, I'm gonna have to guess there's you're problem, friend. Both games run on the kirikiri engine, but that doesn't mean they're THAT interchangable.

    4. Thanks for the help lol no wonder it wasn't working properly. also sorry to have bothered you.

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  8. First of all thank you for all the work done so far and second, your job on HaraKano isnt done yet, right? i mean there´s still ayana & ren´s route left to be done if i remember correctly. just asking because the folks on fuwa seem to believe you´re done with Harakano & therefore it got removed von the VNTS.

    1. I am still slowly going along through Ayana's route, and will do Ren's after that. I post the updates on the LoeQuality Twitter, though, which means anyone that only follows the blog never sees the progress updates, and probably makes them think I've finished

  9. I can't apply the patch...why? this is my directory of game.

    There is nothing than replace. How to apply the patch?

    thanks for the translation

    1. The patch files are savedin a .zip archive. You need to extract them from the archive, and then move them into your directory.

      If done correctly, when you finish, your directory should have an additional folder named patch and an additional file named patch.xp3

      The patch folder will have .ks files in it, but do not remove them from that folder at any point.

    2. Thanks for fast responding... i sorry if annoying but i don't understand.. not even match the folder "save"

      you can repeat me the steps in order?

  10. I can't really apply the translation... It's impossible, i don't know that i do wrong. Really won me u.u, i give up

    1. It isn't required that you replace files. You only replace them if they were already there in the directory. If they are not, it is fine.

      If you still have Harakano installed, download the patch:

      Once the patch finished downloading, open the patch by double clicking it (like any folder).

      When you have opened the patch, there will be files inside.

      Move all of these files into the directory where HaraKano is installed (drag and drop should work to move the files).

      If there is a folder named savedata, delete it.

      If you have properly cracked the game so it will run without a CD code, double click the proper .exe and the game should run.

      Click on the top most button on the title screen to begin playing the game.

      I apologize for the late reply, but I was busy doing other things :S

  11. i'm a big fucking stupid.... The menu is not translated...true? And i checking only with the menus, i'm a idiot. Thanks for the translate, you are a genius, congratulations friend.

    I want reading japanese or improve my english but this patch is better that nothing.

    I wish you the better in the next projects!! Thanks!!

    1. English takes so much effort to learn as a second language; good luck, friend.

    2. Simple curiosity... How much it took in translation? i edited a paragraph and look good but it's a lot, is a extensive work for a one person more if my english is limited jejej u.u

    3. How much it took? Like, how much work the Marina patch was?

      Uhh, first I had to translate the main route files for the game, plus all the individual choices for Ayana's Route, Ren's Route, and Marina's Route. That was, maybe 15 to 20 thousand lines. Then I had to do Marina's route and epilogue, which was another 11 thousand lines. So maybe 30,000 lines total? But not all of them are Japanese text lines, so maybe just 8,000 lines of Japanese text had to be translated in total. For just the main story, and Marina's route. I still need to finish Ayana's and Ren's routes

    4. sorry for "took" Google translate :3

      So the patch not is completely to the 100%? missing routes? Anyway you work is awesome

    5. Right now, the patch only translates the route for Marina. I am working on the route for Ayana, and will also do the route for Ren after that. So no, it is not finished yet, not nearly :C

  12. since only marina is done, is there 0 incest in there route?

    1. Marina is the childhood friend, so no, nothing like that.

    2. guess i'll have to wait to play it then

  13. Thanks for this Translation :). Can you translate the other routes too? (Like Kanna and so) :)