Monday, December 8, 2014

Fox Wife Mini-Comic Collection by Batta

Some time ago I said I wanted to continue translating the works of Batta from Canzume Quality, an up and coming manga artist who likes kitsunemimi a lot. Like everything else, that's going rather slow, but I did just quickly translate a short work he just released for free online on his Pixiv booth (plus a couple of other images related to said work, which are available on his Pixiv).

The work is Batta's Kitsune Wife Mini-Comic, a brief intro to an idea he's been working on for awhile about a Fox  girl who marries a human man, and their life (and children) together. The mini-comic its self is safe for work, but then it goes into the couple's love life and child-creation together (which of course is not safe for work).

I thought it all was cute enough, so I went and translated all of it to English and put it together as much I could with the GIMP. If you're so inclined, feel free to download it here:

Fox Wife Mini-Comic, by Batta 

(Mini Comic: Safe for work
Conception - R18 folder: Not safe for work
Progression folder: Safe for work, but awkward)

If you're into kitsunemimi and schoolgirls with swords, check out and support more of Bata's stuff on Pixiv and elsewhere:

 Batta on Pixiv

Batta's Blog: Canzume Quality

Batta on Puboo (more free works, in Japanese)

Batta's Booth (free and purchasable works, in Japanese)

In other news, I am continuing to work on everything I'd been working on before, with more dedicated effort than before. I hope people have enjoyed Hazuki's route in Haramiko, though I unfortunately do not know when Uzuki and the Harem route might be done. I also must apologize to anyone and everyone that has asked about commission work, as I cannot yet guarantee the time (or quality) to do any. Shit sux:C

In the meantime, if you feel I have done work worthy of support and would like to support Loe Quality Translations, donations are welcome and would certainly help

I thank you all for your support, reading, and patience so far. It'd be cool if I could reward that patience more often and with more content...