Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Emiko Route 100% Translated Patch

After entirely too long, here it is:

This patch will fully translate Emiko's (Kei's mother's) route into English. The installation is the same as every patch; download the rar with winrar , 7zip, or another program, extract the contents, and put them into your Mamankyoushitsu folder (so that you have a folder named patch and a file named patch.xp3 in your Mamankyoushitsu folder).Overwrite any old files. This patch is completely unedited and unrevised; doing so would take so much time, and most likely isn't expressly necessary anyway. If you find any errors/spelling mistakes/Japanese in the translated routes, please let me know and I'll correct it (the way the patch works, I cannot just spellcheck the files).

IF you install the patch and get an odd error message when loading saves in the game or even running the game: close the game (use task manager to make sure the process is not still running) then delete every file in the savedata folder (for example C:\Users\YOUR NAME\ままん教室~未来のHなお勉強~\savedata ). This will erase all your save data, but the game should run again. Remember you can hold down ctrl to skip text.

As it stands, I have been working on Mamankyoushitsu for over a year now, and there are still two routes to go (Momo's route and the Harem end - the two shortest routes in the game). However, I have had enough of Swaneye's writing style for the time being, and am putting the project on the shelf. I will return to it eventually, yet as I do not see much demand for Momo's Route, as the harem end has very little you can't guess, and as there are other things I would like to work on, Mamankyoushitsu will no longer be my main project. If anyone would like to translate the last two routes, they are more than welcome. I thank Bonzaimonkey for his help in allowing me to do even this much; without him, none of this project would be possible and my translation would most likely sit as an unread google document.

As always, this translation is provided free of charge and anyone that tries to charge you money for it should be reported to the internet police. Meanwhile though, my rent has doubled and winter is not only coming, it is already here. If anyone would like to donate for the work done thus far, it would never be more appreciated than now.I think the paypal link works, though I'm not too sure.

What does the future hold? Two things I cannot yet officially mention (I had been slacking off on both to work on Mamankyoushitsu, one of the reasons for the shelving), more translation of Batta's work (cause I <3 kemonomimi), continuing slow slow work at Harakano, Harapara, and Mamankyoushitsu, along with other things most likely. If anyone from Swaneye finds their way to this blog, thank you for your work, good luck with your new direction, and please, hold back on adding the sound effects to the ero scenes. It's very silly. (If anyone is interested and an animator in Tokyo, it seems Swaneye is looking for a new artist.)

I thank you all for reading and for your continued support.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let the countdown begin, I guess?

Emiko patch will be out by Wednesday, just in time for the start of college Thanksgiving break here in the states.