Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let's set a goal.

Eleven scenes until Mimeri's Route is done. Imma try and see if I can get it done by next weekend. Meanwhile, one page until the Batta mini-manga is done, but that can wait.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quick Update before any Real Update

Mimeri's Route is currently around 50% complete overall. I plan on dedicating more time to it this and next week, so hopefully I will be able to get the full patch out soon (unedited and unrevised like the others). Meanwhile, I'm going to be posting a quick, twelve page 4koma story by Batta of Canzume Quality as soon as I finish the last two pages of it. It's a short, cute, and totally work safe story about a Photographer/Archeologist grad student and her Fox Spirit friend/roommate that Batta posted for free online awhile ago. I figure I can translate and edit myself easy enough and post it in english for anyone interested and, for whatever end, get some western support for Batta and his work (and add more to my portfolio. I can do more than just ero, you know.)

However, speaking of ero, one thing I could do to make the translation process go faster is more or less leave hentai scenes untranslated. I don't know how people would feel about this, but as it stands (for Swan titles, at least) hardly anything important to the story happens during the erotic scenes, and they are so full of stock phrases and sounds that translating them usually feels like a waste of time. I wouldn't cut them out of the game, of course, but I would just not bother to translate every time someone's hips were moving on their own. Would people be okay with this? Are there people interested in these games for the plot in addition to the erotic content? Let me know how you feel.

Meanwhile, I am still looking for work. If anyone knows any companies which could use a capable Japanese to English translator for various projects, I'd probably be pretty down for that. However, on the topic of translation work, People keep requesting I do these different games which have come out (which will understandably probably never seen any real translation offered ever), even offering commissions for them. As much as I would like to give these and other games the time of day, please realize that I do not know how to extract a game's script for translation, then repack the translation into the game so the text will be in english. This means unless someone can offer a tutorial on how to do that with various VN file formats, I am limited in what I can do translations of, limited to whatever novels people have already extracted said scripts from and/or made patches for. The only reason I can do all this Swan work is thanks to BonzaiMonkey's help, and much thanks to him for making this all possible. I also would like to thank everyone that has recommended me to different projects that I might be able to help with, and especially like to thank the people that have donated money to my paypal. It helps.

Only semi related to that, though, did you all know that (a major digital distributor of Japanese erotic works) has added an English version of their website, which works with Western Credit cards? This actually gives the western audience a viable way of purchasing a lot of Japanese works which were before totally unavailable before other than via torrenting/download. For people interested in erotic works, this includes VNs, JAV, Doujin, and more. Kinda neat for some of them harder to 'aquire' things (though the pages and registration might be a bit difficult to navigate, due to DMMs less than stellar english translation). Just a cool story, bro.