Wednesday, November 30, 2016

HaraKano complete patch.

And just like that, Dekiru Translations has finished the remaining scenes of Harakano. The game is now 100% translated. Thank you so much to Dekiru for going through the hassle of translating the remaining scenes.

The complete translation patch is available here:

Download and install it same as before, and enjoy the complete version of the game (if you're into that sort of thing).

Will update with Donovan's patch, if Donovan updates his patch. Apologies to Donovan for revising the HK patch so many times.

For more of Dekiru's works, check out the Dekiru Translation blog at

Thanks all,


Update:Donovan has again graciously updated the UI patch he generously created. Now it contains UI translations, menu translations, the Hiyo patch Dekiru was kind enough to create, and the rest. You can download it here:

or from where Donovan has it uploaded, posted in the comments.


Make sure that you do not have any old version of the English patch installed. Before you move the patch files from Donovan's patch into your Harakano folder, make sure you delete/remove all the old patch files (the file named patch.xp3 and the folder named 'patch' and every file inside it) or the game will most likely crash on start up.

Thanks again to Donovan for supporting the Harakano translation project so much and doing so much to make it look as good as possible.

Thanks to Dekiru for finishing Hiyo's scenes entirely gratis, thus letting Harakano be listed as a full translation.

Thanks to M Imam Hadi for providing a temporary patch to the temporary patch.

And thank you, for caring enough to read this far and follow this project to the lengths it took.

Thanks all,


Saturday, November 26, 2016

A new development?

In an act of kindness, it seems that Dekiru of Dekiru Translations has offered to translate the Hiyo scenes that I didn't do in Harakano. No ETA on when it will be finished, but according to Dekiru they will start as soon as they finish their current project. I will post an update here when they finish, but in the meantime you can check out Dekiru Translations on their blog here:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Something to be thankful for? Harakano FINAL PATCH

In 2014, on April 1st, I released a joke patch for the game HaraKano by Swaneye, calling it the '-100% Patch'. A lot of people thought this was a real patch, and were very disappointed when they found out otherwise. That was when I decided to start a project to translate Harakano for real, to make up for the joke.

It has taken over two years, but the project is finally finished. Just in time for Thanksgiving (if you're in the US and into that sort of thing), this is the final HaraKano patch:

This translates 100% of Marina's route, Ren's route, Ayana's route, Kaho's route, Kanna's route, and Haruka's route. It also translates 100% of the their epilogue routes. It also translates the entire story of Hiyo's route, Hiyo's epilogue, and the Harem route and Harem epilogue. They have all been translated and revised, so they should read decently well (though the Swaneye engine may stop them from being formatted well on occasion).

The only thing is does not translate are Hiyo's H-scenes. I really didn't want to translate them, and I feel it could be potentially harmful to my employment if I did translate them, so I have left them alone. Hate me if you'd like.

To install the patch, simply download the .zip archive from the link above.
Once downloaded, extract the files from the archive onto your computer (there should a folder named 'patch' with multiple files in it and a file named patch.xp3).
Once on your computer, move the files/folder directly into the folder where you have Harakano installed (overwriting any old files).
Run the game .exe and enjoy.

Unfortunately, this patch does not translate the Harakano menu and options buttons, as I do not know how to make a patch like that.

Since I don't know how to make a patch like that, though, I made this guide:

HaraKano Button Guide

Friendly user Donovan has also created a patch which translates and adjusts various menus/options/settings in the game, but I am unsure how to run it, and unsure how to get the final patch to work with it, so I will wait to see if Donovan wants to update it and post a guide.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient with Harakano, and with me, and all the other projects of Loe Quality. Especial thanks to Donovan, RandomInternetUser, A.M., M.A., C.P., and everyone that donated to LQT. Not only did it help me out, but it literally let me continue to live in a place with a roof a couple months. Thank you all so much. My apologies that Harakano is not the most interesting game to read, but here it is.

Where does LQT go from here? There are many projects I want to work on, but very few I have the actual patch for. Junketsu Megami-sama is one, and Mahou Tsukai no Yoru is the other... kinda. I don't really have a patch for Mahou Tsukai no Yoru yet, but I do have the script files, so that will be the next main project. I will endeavor to translate all the script files and then really hope that the translated files can actually be applied to the game. I will give no ETA as I am also working full time abroad, but I'll see what I can do.

Thank you all again for supporting LQT and being so patient with your support. I hope you enjoy Harakano, even though it seems... kinda lacking and kinda incomplete at times (see the Harakano Side Notes in the patch folder for more information, or check the topic for it on vndb:

Happy thanksgiving, happy boxing day, happy holidays, good night, good times, and good luck.

Update: As expected, Donovan came through and updated his patch with my patch, so the game will look, read, and work better (if you use Donovan's patch. Here's his post about it:

Hey Loe I updated the patch with your latest version.

Pretty much everything should be translated except the 1 route and the wallpaper creation tool choices since that would be a lot of work xD (a lot of images).

Patch notes for everyone.
-This game should work on any system locale with patch installed don't need to use Japanese system locale.
-I changed the font to MS PGothic from MS Gothic (which looked terrible) then edited the message window margins, line spacing. I did that so that the mini message window could fit more text and hopefully reduce splitting voiced lines.
-Word wrap was revised from what was being used previously. 
-Patch has been condensed to the patch.xp3 file, 2 scenario files along with extras from Loe are still inside the Patch folder they're are used for the April fools parody (what to do to the files is explained by Loe in-game).

I have noticed that Windows 10 doesn't come with MS Mincho/MS PMincho fonts which is needed for A LOT of VNs I included it with patch in-case you don't have it. It's needed for the backlog in HaraKano.

Thank you for all that you've done on this Loe it's much appreciated. Download links below I included a version of the edited HaraMiko patch it has same changes to it as HaraKano.

Download links:
HaraKano!! Final Patch & 100% Save & Walkthrough
HaraMiko Updated Patch & Walkthough