Friday, November 28, 2014

Haramiko: Hazuki Route 100% Translated Route | Beta

After entirely too long (as usual), I am proud to present the 100% translation patch for Hazuki's route for the Haramiko vn, by Swanmania. This fully translates ALL of the common route and ALL of Hazuki's route for the game into English (Uzuki and the harem route to be translated later). I am happy to say that the translation is more revised than the Harapara and Maman translations, but computer problems lead me to write the translation across multiple computers and keyboards, so occasional typos and misses might have occurred. I'll revise them for the 100% patch, coming out ______.

Haramiko is the story of one Akira Yamanabe, a young man journeying across Japan. By chance, he happens across an old Shinto shrine, ran by two shrine maiden sisters, Hazuki Kagura and Uzuki Kagura. Through interesting events, Akira manages to get himself possessed by some strange spirit, and hi jinks ensue of the usual Swan variety. Content is true love, love comedy, and vanilla. I'm a sap for true love.

Download the patch here:

To install:
1. Have Haramiko installed on your PC properly.
2.Have 7zip installed on your pc properly.
3.Download the patch from the link above.
4.Open the patch file with 7zip, and extract all its contents directly into Haramiko's install folder.
5. Delete every file in the Haramiko savedata folder (old save files will not work once the patch is installed anyway).
6. Run the game.

Hazuki is actually one of my favorite Swan heroines, second or equal to Ayana Seno from HaraKano. Though I am sad she and her sister do not have as many character portraits in their game as other Swan heroines do, she and Uzuki do make a guest appearance in the story for Haratsuma Nurse (which Onaji-Sora Translations is still working on?). I hope you all enjoy her story as much as I do, and maybe even people might do fanart or something (having an eroge waifu is content-less suffering).

Meanwhile, life goes on, projects continue, and donations are still welcome if you feel so inclined. They do help, as life is expensive.

Thank you all for your patience and your support,


Sunday, November 9, 2014

For the Record,

I am not dead yet, just unfortunately buried under schoolwork and a JET application. HaraMiko is progressing, along with two other works which I hope to turn into three and have partial releases for come Thanksgiving (it'd be come this weekend were it not for Uni projects).

My apologies, as usual, for the delay, though I hope to provide each of these releases with better quality and writing than Mamankyoushitsu had (which was, of course, completely unrevised as of its release).

I thank you all for your patience and support...were it only I had more to give you for it.

Thank you again, and feel free to watch the Loe Quality Twitter page for very infrequent updates, though still more frequent than the official blog its self.