Monday, July 29, 2013

What's On the Menu

So, quick update of what's all going on now, LQT wise

Working on Emiko's route for Mamankyoushitsu
Kukuri's route for HaraPara
The main story route for HaraKano (very slow pace)
Batta's Record of the Heisei Era Inari War manga series

And, as always, looking for official work as translator/localization. Future plans include applying for South Korea's EpiK program, Japan's JET program, Grad School, etc.

In regards to Other, I cannot say what it is due to various concerns, however a certain group has asked me to translate a certain game for them, and provided all the tools necessary for it to be done in full. It may take precedence over Mamankyoushitsu, though that does not mean work on Emiko's Route will stop. As for HaraPara and Harakano, they will remain side projects like always.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Non-ero update and a problem?

Of the various Japanese things I keep an eye on, one of them is actually the blog of Batta, an aspiring manga artist/author of kitsunemimi/kemonomimi and weaponry/combat related works, who posts a lot of his stuff for free on his blog, Canzume Quality. Of course, it's all in Japanese, but I like Batta's work and art, so I really would like him to get more love. Though it's doubtful any english translation of his stuff would generate any attention for him in Japan, I figure it might at least get him some wider readership, so I've begun to translate all of his free-to-download stuff.  I've finished the first one: 'The Fox Girl and Miss History' a really short (non-erotic) 7 page 4 koma story about a childlike fox spirit and the archeology grad student who's helping her, which really seems only the introduction to a wider story rather than any stand alone work, but whatever. I'll work on his longer series next; this one just had the easiest to read text. To anyone that reads the blog for information related to the games I've been translating or the Tensei-kun doujin, Batta's work probably holds absolutely no interest to you, so feel free to skip it. For anyone else, you can download a .zip of  'The Fox Girl and Miss History' here:

The Fox Girl and Miss History [ENG], by Batta

...Uhh, does anyone know where to post just regular manga and stuff? I feel this doesn't really belong on g.e or ex.

Meanwhile, for people that are interested in those games I've been working on (and Mamankyoushitsu in particular), a reader posted in the Mimeri update post that they were having a problem where some of the animated scenes have a graphical error that makes the images kinda sorta broke. Clearly this is a problem for nukige games (and anything other than a text adventure), but it is not one caused by the translation patch. Apparently, according to another reader, the problem is actually caused by a recent windows update for Windows 7 and Windows XP. Phillip Armenta wrote that the windows update KB2803821 for Windows 7 or windows update KB2834904 for Windows XP is what is breaking these scenes in a number of games. If you delete these from your computer, everything should display properly again. Thanks to Phillip Armenta for pointing this out.

I believe the next update for Mamankyoushitsu will most likely be the Emiko route just for hilarity's sake, and I'll also work on the next part of HaraPara, though I can give no estimated time of release. However, it looks like I might have a lot of time offline soon, which means I'll have more than enough time to do some work on something extra maybe... something special. Relatedly, if anyone knows of any guide on how to extract scripts from different visual novels (and then repack translated versions), I would like to learn how to do it so I can working on other, non-swan titles.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mimeri Route 100% Translation Patch

After over half a year, it's done! The Mimeri translation patch is complete and uploaded to drop box, converting all of Mimeri's route into English (unrevised and unedited, cause that's not really important right now). If you have the game, you can just download the new patch via at the following link:

Mimeri Translation Patch-

Just download the rar and extract the files into your Mamankyoushitsu folder, overwriting all older ones.

If you don't have the game, you can find it via different various means (including legal download via Just install the game, download the rar, and extract the files (via winrar or 7zip) into the game's install folder. When you run the game, you should find that Honoka, Saera, and Mimeri's routes are now entirely translated into english (albeit it with some textual errors and grammar problems; it's unedited.)

I tried a different, less literal translation with Mimeri's route that probably made a couple lines translate better into english than they would before, and go at a bit faster pace. Tell me what you think. Meanwhile, of course, if you're a translation company looking to hire freelance work (I won't ask why you're here if you don't ask why I am), I am currently available. If you're a person that just happens to enjoy the translations and want to help out, feel free to donate if you so choose. Mamankyoushitsu is being translated free of charge, for everyone to download. Thanks again to Bonzaimonkey for his help with the patch to make it all possible.

I'm going to begin working on other things, now, in the interim, so I'll have a bit less niche portfolio when it comes to samples of my translation work. Right now, anything I show of feels as though it would be awkward to show to people. Not going to give any definitive titles or anything, but I just hope everyone likes kitsunemimi as much as I do.

Thanks to everyone that has shown an interest and kept with this project; your words have given me the impetus to keep at it.