Monday, July 29, 2013

What's On the Menu

So, quick update of what's all going on now, LQT wise

Working on Emiko's route for Mamankyoushitsu
Kukuri's route for HaraPara
The main story route for HaraKano (very slow pace)
Batta's Record of the Heisei Era Inari War manga series

And, as always, looking for official work as translator/localization. Future plans include applying for South Korea's EpiK program, Japan's JET program, Grad School, etc.

In regards to Other, I cannot say what it is due to various concerns, however a certain group has asked me to translate a certain game for them, and provided all the tools necessary for it to be done in full. It may take precedence over Mamankyoushitsu, though that does not mean work on Emiko's Route will stop. As for HaraPara and Harakano, they will remain side projects like always.


  1. Sounds great! Glad you are moving forward in the translating scene and are looking for official work in some good places. What is the project you are gonna work on for the other group?

    1. Currently unable to say. Just that it's something with actual gameplay.

  2. Any idea on when you will finish Emiko's route?

    Also, what a boss for translating it.