Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dropbox file limit.

So a user was kind enough to inform me that dropbox seems to have taken down the account hosting the patch files temporarily, due to too much traffic. Whelp; didn't see that one coming. If you are have attempted to download the patch for Mamankyoushitsu or HaraPara from this blog, but encountered that error, I'm uploading the patches for both games to Googledrive for download instead. My apologies for the inconvenience; I hadn't expecte such small files would go over any sort of download limit on dropbox.

To download, simply open the links for the respective games below, go to File, then Download. To install, follow the same instructions as usual.

Mamankyoushitsu 100% English patch (unrevised):

HaraPara Partial English Patch (Toua, Kukuri, Inori, Natsuki Route, unrevised):

Thank you to Kai Knoemd for pointing this problem out to me. Side note: could anyone help figure out what's preventing HaraPara from working on his/her install? It's in the comments for the latest HaraPara patch, and I'm at a loss why it doesn't seem to work for them: (scroll down).

Meanwhile, LQT is getting closer and closer to 100,000 pageviews. I feel I should do something special for that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


It's been brought to my attention that the paypal donation button I have on the donation page didn't actually work and/or just brought people to the main paypal website. I think I've corrected it, so if anyone wanted or wants to donate to LQT for the translations and work done as so far, it should be set up properly now.

I've already started work on other projects, but I'm not going to post about them here or now, so let me use this space to go into a bit of detail on the Mamankyoushitsu translation. Some anons were wondering how it was done and the way it was translated.

For the record, I did not create the patch for Mamankyoushitsu, HaraPara, or even the patch of April Fool's HaraKano. All credit for that goes to Bonzaimonkey. He created the game patch and extracted the game scripts, which I was able to then translate and put into the game. Without his (her?) effort, none of this would be possible, and my translation would be limited to a google document of all the dialogue, which is not nearly as easy to read. for those that have asked, unfortunately he has informed me he is currently busy with other tasks and unavailable to help with other translation projects.

Regarding the quality of my translation, as many have noticed, it does vary greatly from one route to another. This is because all the routes were translated at different times, and depending on when I did the translation, I had different ideas about how I did and didn't want the translation to read (for example, in some routes I took the easy way out and just marked the sound effects that Swaneye likes to include as -SFX-. Later, I felt this was being to cheap, so I romanized the actual translations of the sound affects, hence the -jyu! jyu! jyu! jyu!- and other noises that Swaneye seems to think sex sounds like. I quickly decided that was too silly, so I just fell back to translating all the sound effects as what they were the sound affect of, which could give people an idea of what was going on and let their imagination do the rest, thus all the -Thrust! Thrust! Thrust!- of the later completed routes).I could go back and revise all of it, yet I do not feel the effort is necessary for this title when there is other work to be done that may be more interesting.

As for the accuracy and correctness of the translation its self, I did my best to keep it true to the content. By and large, the english script is exactly as it goes in the japanese script. I took the meanings the writing was meant to convey in Japanese and tried to envision them how we (or at least, how I) would say them in english, in real life. Rest assured, I am a native english speaker, so I do know how us Westerner's tend to speak. America wise, at least. If certain lines stand out as especially awkward or weird sounding, it is most likely less me being creative with the translation and more me being direct in the translation (for example, Saera's prose during the final sex scene between her and Kei on their wedding day. Yeah. I didn't make that up). As for all the spelling mistakes and occasional Japanese lines appearing with the text, Mamankyoushitsu has been a very long project, and some of the time, I just wanted the scene I was translating to end, so I cared less about spelling and more about getting it done and uploaded. What's worse, the entire translation was done using notepad, and since the script files include a lot of programming language for the kirikiri engine, I don't think I could just spell check through them without spellchecker highlighting every line of code as a mistake in spelling. What's worse, for the longest time the translation of Maman, HaraPara, HaraKano, and everything else was done on an old Intel thinkpad that not only is missing five keys, yet also likes to freeze at inopportune times. All the more reason for me to be less concerned on accuracy and more concerned about completing each patch before the hard drive failed. Loe quality is not only low in quality, yet also in funding. My apologies if this makes the patches especially hard to read. Especially for any english majors out there; my writing style is definitely more based on how people speak than on proper grammar, so it might be a bit hard to read (I hope, hope, hope, no reader follows prescriptionist grammar. They'll have a hard time).

For whether or not there will be an interface patch, I have completed a brief, low quality translation of some of the main menus, but they're not particularly necessary to have in order to play the game properly and may not be implemented anytime soon, as the patcher is busy as I said. Meanwhile, if you'd like to change the options, though the actual files are to tedious to bother editing directly in game, this image is a guide on which does what for Mamankyoushitsu:

Just be aware than once you complete a heroine's route, you unlock her character model viewer in the extras section. Once you 100% complete the game, you unlock the wallpaper creation mode for the character models, which can be fun to mess around with and also do not need an explanation. Experiment!

Thus said, I thank you all again for reading the LQT translation of Mamankyoushitsu/Harapara/small section of Harakano. Feel free to use the comment section of this post (or tweet LQT) with what parts you did or didn't like about the novel, the translation, the characters, etc. It's nice to see people appreciate the work. And critique it.

Thank you all,

Loe Quality

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mamankyoushitsu 100% English Patch

After much time and effort and irritation, the Mamankyoushitsu 100% english patch is DONE. This patch will translate the Common Route Honoka's Route, Saera's Route, Momo's Route, Emiko's Route, Mimeri's Route, the Harem end, and the Bad End of Mamankyoushitsu into english. Though some names and all menu buttons are as of yet untranslated, this will make the story of the game fully english. To get the patch, just download the link from the following:


Once downloaded, extract all the contents of the, and drag and drop them into the folder where Mamankyoushitsu is installed. OVERWRITE ALL FILES.

If you encounter and odd script error, try deleting the contents of the savedata folder, re-applying the english patch, then restarting the game.

If you encounter the error still (or if you get an error during certain scenes), uninstall and reinstall the game, then reapply the patch.

If further errors still occur, as always, post them here so that we may try to fix them.

I'd like to apologize for any and all spelling/script writing errors you may encounter over the course of this project. It was very dark when I wrote much of it, and by this time, I'd had quite enough of Swan's writing style.

Now that it's done, however, I'd like to thank everyone for being so patient with waiting for the different routes to be released, for putting up with my often unedited, unrevised translations, and my near constant procrastination of all parts of this project. I would also like to thank Bonzaimonkey for his providing of the script files and kirikiri patch in general, which made this entire project possible.

Meanwhile, as always, if you enjoyed this project and didn't mind my writing, donations are always helpful. However, Mamankyoushitsu is a freely provided translation of SwanEye+'s Mamankyoushitsu eroge game, and will remain as such.

Where do I go from here? We'll see, though hopefully away from the "something for everyone" brand of Nukige that makes up Swan's larger budget titles. There were many parts I was uncomfortable with, and many parts that I could barely believe what I was reading. Yes, indeed, hips were said to be moving on their own. For now though, Mamankyoushitsu is DONE. Thank you all again.