Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dropbox file limit.

So a user was kind enough to inform me that dropbox seems to have taken down the account hosting the patch files temporarily, due to too much traffic. Whelp; didn't see that one coming. If you are have attempted to download the patch for Mamankyoushitsu or HaraPara from this blog, but encountered that error, I'm uploading the patches for both games to Googledrive for download instead. My apologies for the inconvenience; I hadn't expecte such small files would go over any sort of download limit on dropbox.

To download, simply open the links for the respective games below, go to File, then Download. To install, follow the same instructions as usual.

Mamankyoushitsu 100% English patch (unrevised):

HaraPara Partial English Patch (Toua, Kukuri, Inori, Natsuki Route, unrevised):

Thank you to Kai Knoemd for pointing this problem out to me. Side note: could anyone help figure out what's preventing HaraPara from working on his/her install? It's in the comments for the latest HaraPara patch, and I'm at a loss why it doesn't seem to work for them: (scroll down).

Meanwhile, LQT is getting closer and closer to 100,000 pageviews. I feel I should do something special for that.


  1. the HaraKano patch is not available.. can you put up another source besides the dropbox ?? :)

    1. If people really want it, I guess; the Harakano patch was an April Fool's joke, and didn't actually translate any of the game. If you renamed one of the patch files you got access to the real current translation of the game, yes, but that translation is only maybe 8% complete, and not really worth bothering with I think

  2. Sorry to say that, but problems with dropbox and google drive is still there :(