Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A New Challanger has Arrived!

On the twitter , I mentioned that an interested anon had asked about the chance of translating Swaneye's HAraMin game. Though I had no plans for it, thanks to BonzaiMonkey, there was a patch for it which I provided to said Anon, as they wanted to try their hand at translating it. Skip ahead a couple months, and said Anon has posted an initial patch of the game, available from their new translation blog at:


I am not sure of how much is translated, the style it's translated in, or anything else as I have had no involvement with this project beyond instruction of how to work BonzaiMonkey's patch. Meanwhile, this is their first time working with a Swaneye game, with the kirikiri engine, with doing translations at all, and more so please bear that in mind as you download and read their work. Personally, I wish John Henry and Onaji Sora No Shita De Translations the best of luck, and the best preserverence; Swaneye text isn't always the most interesting to translate. Good luck!

Please note that for legal reasons neither LQT nor OSnSD can provide downloads of any of the games we translate, so please search elsewhere to acquire the games.


  1. Nice of you to post link to a new project, Will check it out later. Hope things are going well for you and again thank you so much for finish one of my favorite VN's that seems to get less attention due to its fetish unfortunately..

  2. Community support like this is wonderful, I've seen fan groups fall apart after "ninja jobs occur" keep it up

    1. You're quite the optimistic fellow, aren't you?