Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mamankyoushitsu Update - Honoka Mizushima Route 100% Complete!


After entirely too long... again... I have finally finished the translation for Honoka Mizushima's route in Mamankyoushitsu! To install, just download the .rar of the patch from drop box here-

and put all the files/folders directly into your Mamankyoushitsu folder, overwriting all other copies. It took quite a long time do to college and various other things, and is still unfortunately unedited. I apologize for any spelling mistakes, though it should all be easy enough to comprehend and enjoy. The next route I feel will have to be Mimeri's, as she has waited long enough. Seriously; you can see how sad she is when Kei picks Saera or Honoka.

As usual, questions, comments, concerns can be posted to this blog or emailed to me, and I should be able to answer them fairly quickly. It is now finally winter break, so I might have time enough to work more on Kukuri's route for HaraPara and make decent headway into Mimeri's path, though I make no promises whatsoever.

This patch will fully translate Saera Kanzaki's Route and Honoka Mizushima's route from Swaneye+'s Mamankyoushitsu, and includes the wordwrap patch that Bonzaimonkey was awesome enough to program. All thanks to him for that and for getting me the scripts for the game and the patch to update the game to english. If it weren't for him, this would not be possible.

If you find any translation errors or bugs or glitches, please tell me so I may correct them. I do plan on going through and revising everything in the game at one point, but not anytime soon. I like the game, the stories, the characters, but there's only so much of it I want to do at one time.

Thanks for everyone's patience, and I hope you enjoy~

If you do not still have Mamankyoushitsu installed (understandable since it's taken so long) it is available for purchase via dlsite's Japanese page or via other, alternative methods.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Progress Update

Though for all intents and purposes, I haven't been active uploading any new works or posts or anything of that matter, I have actually been working on things. As it stands, I have not yet decided on another Manga translation project (beyond the ones that I have listed as projects that I want to do; 'Tokyo Ravens, Tokyo Fox' and 'Wagaya no Oinari-sama') as I have been focusing on completing more of the Swan Eroge projects, HaraPara and Mamankyoushitsu.

In HaraPara, I am working on completing Kukuri and Inori's story routes, which, when done, will leave only Himekoi's Yuuna and Shion's routes, Haramin's Yuka's route (which I'm not too enthused about), and the Harem route to translate before it's all done. Plus perhaps translating and updating the game graphics with english translations, like the wallpaper maker. For Mamankyoushitsu, I am currently working on Honoka's route, to be followed by Mimeri/Emiko/Momo's routes and the Harem Route in whatever order. And the bad end, and graphics translations.

But words are easy; here's a look of how much is done of Kukuri's/Inori's HaraPara route (left), and Honoka's Mamankyoushitsu Route (right)-

These are the notepad files of the actual scripts I have for each route, so the space between the scroll bar and the end of the Notepad is what still needs to be translated. The scripts for the other routes still needing to be translated are about the same size for either game, so add like three or four of these files of for each game to figure out just how much work still needs to be done before either game is fully translated. I apologize for the slow speed, yet there are a number of other things I would like to focus on while working on these which causes me to not be able to devote all of my time to their translation. Though I thank you all for your continued support and comments; the feedback I get makes me feel people are interested and makes me want to do more. I also thank the guy that donated five dollars. That's pretty awesome.

As for the future, as said I've begun work on HaraKano because it has pretty nice routes and characters, and might be a bit less niche of a game project than HaraPara and Mamankyoushitsu. Unfortunately, as I've said, the game is massive. Loaded into Word, Scenario 1 for HaraKano is 522 pages long. It's script is styled like the two above, so there's a fair bit of those 522 pages that isn't anything I need to translate, but then HaraKano also has Scenario 2, Scenario 3, each seperate character's route, the Harem end, then the Special Modes and their separate character routes, plus graphics translation and everything else. Massive.

In the meantime, I wouldn't mind working on Swanmania's HaraMiko (since I've already translated it once for fun) and some Norn games as they're rather short, along with other, more story focused, less nukige eroge games, such as SaraSaraSasara, Kitsune-sama No Koisuru Omajinai, and Ore-sama no RagnaROCK and stuff. And the aforementioned Wagaya no Oinari sama Manga and lightnovels AND this other cool religious text on Inari in Shinto.


Anyway, I thank you all for your repeated support of these translation projects (I have noticed Loe Quality Translations suddenly appear on different translation websites, listings, and etc. that I did not even know existed, let alone thought to add myself to), and of course I thank Bonzamonkey for everything he's done in making this even possible. I do not know how to extract or encode KiriKiri scripts, and without him all I could do with any of these games is give a Google doc's transcription of what goes on, which is not nearly as interesting to read.

Though a quick side note: As much as I'm doing right now, if someone were to provide me with the script to Mahou Tsukai No Yoru, I am indeed such a fan of Aoko that I would find a way to work on that translation in addition to everything else. I do not mean to step on the toes of another translator's work (and if any of the things I have listed above are actively being worked on by another group, please, tell me) but the progress on its' translation seems even slower than I am (no offense), and I really would love to try my hand at it if the current group(s?) do not mind. Cause Sensei deserves it.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Swan Translation Wordwrap Patch

Bonzaimonkey has again shown how awesome he is, and found a way to wordwrap the text in Mamankyoushitsu and Harapara so the english text displays better in both windowed mode and full screen. Though there are still some errors (and the fact that I personally edited Mamankyoushitsu's beginning to better find windowed mode doesn't help), it looks and reads a lot better than it did before.

To install, download this file-

and put it in the 'patch' folder in your Mamankyoushitsu or HaraPara folders. Run .exe as usual.
I'll update the translation patches to include this, and eventually get around to fixing my fix for wordwrap for Mamankyoushitsu. Hopefully, it will work for all future Swan related translations as well. In the meantime, I have been too busy recently to work on either Maman or Harapara, though have gotten a little bit of HaraKano. I'm also considering other, non ecchi works I might be able to do as well. Thanks to Bonzaimonkey, again, for his work with this project and everyone that has supported it and LQT.

Edit: Updated the HaraPara english patch to include the Wordwrap patch in the proper folder; to install both, just install the english patch as usual.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

HaraPara!! Toua Koizumi's Route 100% translated.

As I had some of it already done before beginning Mamankyoushitsu, I decided to complete the translation of Toua Koizumi's Route for HaraPara!! This will 100% translate Toua's route, from beginning to end. Note: This does not translate Yuka's route, which branches from Toua's.

Download the patch from dropbox via-

Extract the files and folders as usual into the HaraPara folder, overwritting any old files.

Harapara is Swan's 50th Anniversary game, featuring a number of Heroines from Swaneye and Swaneye+ games. For more info, check it out on the Bote moe wiki-!!

As usual, thank to Bonzaimonkey for making this possible. This is a non-profit translation done with no commercial interests. I have also begun to work on HaraKano again, but it will be a long process; the game is twice the length of Mamankyoushitsu or longer, and I haven't finished that either.

If you experience a runtime error with HaraPara!! there is a chance the translation has broken your save files, and you will need to go into the savedata folder for the game, and delete all the files inside. This will erase all your save data for the game, but it should run.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Translation BONUS: HaraPara Natsuki's Route 100%

Also, if anyone happens to have Swan's HaraPara!! game installed, some time ago I translated 100% of the game's common route, and 100% of heroine Natsuki Suzumiya's Route with more aid from Bonzaimonkey.

The patch process is the same as Mamankyoushitsu- once you have the game installed and patched so it will run, download the english translation patch-

Extract the file and folder, and place them both in the HaraPara folder. Run the game exe and enjoy. I don't recall if I fully reviewed the translation for spelling, grammar, and proper english, though it should be comprehensible... kind of.

If you experience a runtime error with either HaraPara!! or Mamankyoushitsu, there is a chance the translation has broken your save files, and you will need to go into the savedata folder for the game, and delete all the files inside. This will erase all your save data for the game, but it should run.

Harapara is Swan's 50th Anniversary game, featuring a number of Heroines from Swaneye and Swaneye+ games. For more info, check it out on the Bote moe wiki-!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mamankyoushitsu Saera Kanzaki Route fully translated!

After entirely too long, I've done it! I have translated all of Saera Kanzaki's route for SwanyEye+'s game Mamankyoushitsu! Thank you Bonzaimonkey for extracting the scripts files and coding the patch which will make them work with any install of the games.

Installation: If you already have Mamankyoushitsu installed on your computer, download patch.rar from here-

Once downloaded, extract the contents of patch.rar directly into Mamankyoushitsu's folder, overwriting any other files.

Run the game.

If you do not have Mamankyoushitsu installed, acquire it from somewhere, install the game (and any necessary patches to make it work) and follow the above steps.

Note: This patch translates all of the common route for Honoka and Saera in Mamankyoushitsu, along with some of Mimeri's path in the common route. It fully translates all of Saera's route. As such, it will break any prior saves you have which had the original Japanese text, and will not translate anything beyond what I've said. More of the game will be translated later.

Questions, comments, concerns can be posted here or emailed to me. If you'd like to support this project and Loe Quality Translations, feel free to donate via the paypal link. This patch is provided completely non profit, however. Like the game? Buy it... somehow. Swaneye+ has yet to make it available to the west, though some download sites seem to not mind western ip addresses registering accounts and downloading from them... entirely in Japanese.

For more information on Swaneye+, Swaneye, Mamankyoushitsu, and similar games, check out this wiki-

Mamankyoushitsu on Bote-Moe

Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Less Project.

While I'm busy with other things, it seems DesuDesu has translated the NSFW Dog Days manga I'd been planning on doing. Oh well; if you're interested in reading it, it's been posted on the g.e-hentai site, and should be available for download from DesuDesu. In the meantime, I'll remove it from my project list, as there's no reason for it now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Translation Projects' Status


I was working on Ookami Kodomo Ame & Yuki, but it seems another translator has already begun posting the chapters for it. You should read it, and look for the movie when it gets released; I'm going to. 

I've been working on the first volume of Wagaya No Oinari Sama, though volume one has been already translated by another group. I should just start from where they left off, though I don't look forward to editing the script into each image.

NSFW manga: I haven't decided on the next project, though some people have suggested various works they'd like to see.


I have the scripts for Princess Maker 5 (PC) downloaded from the wiki, but there is a lot of work to be done translating them. I have Sakura Wars 1 and Sakura Wars 5: Episode 0 on PS2 and will stream them sometime, but that requires a better internet connection.

Visual Novels: 


Swaneye+'s Mamankyoushitsu: 

Common route (before it splits to individual characters):
Done for Honoka and Saera.  

Saera's Route:
35% complete; I'll post a new patch and update (along with download and installation instructions) when it's at 50%.

Honoka's Route:
5% done. I'll work on it after Saera's route is finished.

All others:
0% done; they will be worked on after Honoka's route.


Swanmania's HaraPara:

Common Route:
100% complete.

Natsuki's Route:
100% complete.

Toua's Route:
20% complete. It is currently being worked on (though less than Mamankyoushitsu).

All Others:
0% complete.

SwanEye Games:

All currently on hold, as their common routes are massive. Not quite as massive as Princess Maker 5, maybe.

Other News:

Three hours after posting the first version of Ero Onsen Yukemuri Chijou, this blog had over 1000 views. That's pretty cool, and I would like to have more to show to anyone reading this. I'll update the Projects page with links to download the translation patches for Mamankyoushitsu and HaraPara (created with help from HF's BonzaiMonkey), but those games are rather fetish specific and might not interest everyone. I also fixed the link to the Paypal donate site if anyone wants to help me with that.

I've mainly been working on the Mamankyoushitsu translation, as text translation is easy and generally quicker than manga translation. Unfortunately, school is about to start, so I'm a bit busy looking for work and an apartment. In the next week that should be decided and I can devote more time to working on these projects. I am working on Wagaya No Oinari Sama and Tokyo Raves: Tokyo Fox as shown on the project page, but there's not much progress there right now. For the record, though the first thing I released was in fact an erotic manga (and the two visual novels are also far from being safe for work), that's not the only content I'll be working on.

I'd like to do Ookami Kodomo Ame to Yuki as volume one just came out with the movie in Japan and it looks like a really nice story. I'd love to give it more attention, but another translator (Roankun) is working on it faster than I am, so anyone interested should search them out and support the series.


If you don't know, Ookami Kodomo Ame to Yuki is a movie that was just released in Japan by the guy behind Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. The protagonist is a young mother, Hana, who fell in love with her husband when they were in college, only to find out his family is actually the shapeshifting descendants of the now-gone Japanese Wolf. Though he changes shape to show her, she isn't afraid and they remain together, eventually starting a family. She has two children with him, a daughter, Ame, named for the rain when she was born, and a son, Yuki, who was born when it snowed. Shortly after Yuki's birth, Hana is waiting for her husband to return from his job as a house mover during the night of a heavy rainstorm. When he doesn't return, she goes out to look for him only to find that he had taken his wolf form, and somehow in the course of the storm... drowned. When Hana finds his body, the cities animal control people were loading it to be taken away, and Hana is left "unable to even give him a funeral."It's here that the story starts as Hana now must take care of two half human/half wolf children whose transformation technique is not entirely under control. I hear the movie covers nineteen years of their life or so, and is narrated by Ame.

It looks like it's a pretty awesome supernatural slice of life type movie, akin to Studio Ghibli's works though with a different taste. As such, it might take awhile for it to ever be released in the West. In Japan, a manga version has just begun which I managed to pick up volume one of before returning to the US. If the movie might take awhile to get released, volume one of the manga might take even longer. If the translation group (K.I.S.S. and Roankun?) currently working on Ookami Kodomo decides to discontinue their translation (like the group working on Wagaya No Oinari Sama seems to have), I'll pick it up and continue it, though in the meantime, look for Roankun's translation of Volume One.

Again, if anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or requests, post them on this blog or email me.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ero Onsen Yukemuri Chijou Translated (NSFW)

To prove to myself I can actually finish some project, I have completed the translation for Tensei-kun's "Ero Onsen Yukemuri Chijou". It's a short, not safe for work, fifteen page hentai manga about a young manager of his families onsen and three girls that happened to be vacationing there. You can find it on, or a download link from the Projects page.

EDIT: After discovering and correcting numerous mistakes and being advised on more fitting translations, I have updated what should be the second to last version of Ero Onsen Yukemuri Chijou to DropBox and g.e-hentai. Links available on the Project Page.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Now Open.

Loe Quality Translations

This will be the current new site and home for Loe Quality translations, translating Japanese and English media for fun, practice, and profit. Current projects include various Visual Novelsand Manga, both safe for work and otherwise.