Friday, September 28, 2012

Swan Translation Wordwrap Patch

Bonzaimonkey has again shown how awesome he is, and found a way to wordwrap the text in Mamankyoushitsu and Harapara so the english text displays better in both windowed mode and full screen. Though there are still some errors (and the fact that I personally edited Mamankyoushitsu's beginning to better find windowed mode doesn't help), it looks and reads a lot better than it did before.

To install, download this file-

and put it in the 'patch' folder in your Mamankyoushitsu or HaraPara folders. Run .exe as usual.
I'll update the translation patches to include this, and eventually get around to fixing my fix for wordwrap for Mamankyoushitsu. Hopefully, it will work for all future Swan related translations as well. In the meantime, I have been too busy recently to work on either Maman or Harapara, though have gotten a little bit of HaraKano. I'm also considering other, non ecchi works I might be able to do as well. Thanks to Bonzaimonkey, again, for his work with this project and everyone that has supported it and LQT.

Edit: Updated the HaraPara english patch to include the Wordwrap patch in the proper folder; to install both, just install the english patch as usual.


  1. I ask this because i;m having trouble finding the files, but how do we actually install this patch? Because i was only able to find harapara in three segments, and those required a key code

  2. All the translation patches for Mamankyoushitsu/Harapara are translation patches only and will not bypass any security Swaneye has for the game as to avoid any legal problems with Swaneye. To install this patch, however, simply download the english translation patch available from here-

    Extract everything, and place it all directly into the HaraPara folder, overwriting any other files. This will automatically install both the english translation that I've complete and Bonzaimonkey's wordwrap patch.

    Maybe SOMEONE on some thread (1703) on the Pregchan Image Board MAY have uploaded a way to find a way to go around the key code. Maybe the url for it would be tiny and posted on 12/09/24. Maybe. I cannot possibly comment.

  3. AAAAAnd, this is why I wish I was a techy.

  4. Loe-san, thank you for your hardwork.

    May I ask where I can meet Bonzaimonkey-san?
    Currently we are trying to translate VN with using Kirikiri engine, but we stuck on wordwrap too.
    We'd love to ask this issue to Bonzaimonkey-san, and maybe we can got his guidance for this issue.