Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Translation BONUS: HaraPara Natsuki's Route 100%

Also, if anyone happens to have Swan's HaraPara!! game installed, some time ago I translated 100% of the game's common route, and 100% of heroine Natsuki Suzumiya's Route with more aid from Bonzaimonkey.

The patch process is the same as Mamankyoushitsu- once you have the game installed and patched so it will run, download the english translation patch-

Extract the file and folder, and place them both in the HaraPara folder. Run the game exe and enjoy. I don't recall if I fully reviewed the translation for spelling, grammar, and proper english, though it should be comprehensible... kind of.

If you experience a runtime error with either HaraPara!! or Mamankyoushitsu, there is a chance the translation has broken your save files, and you will need to go into the savedata folder for the game, and delete all the files inside. This will erase all your save data for the game, but it should run.

Harapara is Swan's 50th Anniversary game, featuring a number of Heroines from Swaneye and Swaneye+ games. For more info, check it out on the Bote moe wiki-!!


  1. Oh my god! I didn't about this awesome project.
    Good luck. i really looking forward to playing this game in English.

  2. Awesome work, can't wait for more HaraPara!!.. Im loving that game.