Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ero Onsen Yukemuri Chijou Translated (NSFW)

To prove to myself I can actually finish some project, I have completed the translation for Tensei-kun's "Ero Onsen Yukemuri Chijou". It's a short, not safe for work, fifteen page hentai manga about a young manager of his families onsen and three girls that happened to be vacationing there. You can find it on, or a download link from the Projects page.

EDIT: After discovering and correcting numerous mistakes and being advised on more fitting translations, I have updated what should be the second to last version of Ero Onsen Yukemuri Chijou to DropBox and g.e-hentai. Links available on the Project Page.


  1. there is no download, it says it was removed. might as well use media fire

    1. i agree im having the same problem

    2. There were numerous mistakes and improvements people pointed out to me since I uploaded onto g.e-hentai, so I've been correcting them and took down the original dropbox link; I'm uploading the best version now, though it might take some time, and another user on g.e has offered to put everything in better, eye friendly font for me, so that version is also in the works; I'll update the main page when it gets done. In the meantime, that version is also still available on g.e

    3. Updated links on the Project Page.

      Dropbox link-