Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mamankyoushitsu Update - Honoka Mizushima Route 100% Complete!


After entirely too long... again... I have finally finished the translation for Honoka Mizushima's route in Mamankyoushitsu! To install, just download the .rar of the patch from drop box here-

and put all the files/folders directly into your Mamankyoushitsu folder, overwriting all other copies. It took quite a long time do to college and various other things, and is still unfortunately unedited. I apologize for any spelling mistakes, though it should all be easy enough to comprehend and enjoy. The next route I feel will have to be Mimeri's, as she has waited long enough. Seriously; you can see how sad she is when Kei picks Saera or Honoka.

As usual, questions, comments, concerns can be posted to this blog or emailed to me, and I should be able to answer them fairly quickly. It is now finally winter break, so I might have time enough to work more on Kukuri's route for HaraPara and make decent headway into Mimeri's path, though I make no promises whatsoever.

This patch will fully translate Saera Kanzaki's Route and Honoka Mizushima's route from Swaneye+'s Mamankyoushitsu, and includes the wordwrap patch that Bonzaimonkey was awesome enough to program. All thanks to him for that and for getting me the scripts for the game and the patch to update the game to english. If it weren't for him, this would not be possible.

If you find any translation errors or bugs or glitches, please tell me so I may correct them. I do plan on going through and revising everything in the game at one point, but not anytime soon. I like the game, the stories, the characters, but there's only so much of it I want to do at one time.

Thanks for everyone's patience, and I hope you enjoy~

If you do not still have Mamankyoushitsu installed (understandable since it's taken so long) it is available for purchase via dlsite's Japanese page or via other, alternative methods.


  1. you sir, are awesome! thank for the hard work.

  2. Does this translation includes all common route or there will be untranslated parts where you interact with other heroines?
    Anyway, thank you very much for translating this! ^_^

    1. Emiko (the Mom), Momo (the Sister), and still some of Mimeri (the friends) route will be untranslated for the common route options, too. If you get untranslated text, you're not on Saera's or Honoka's route. I'll work on the rest of the common text along with the Mimeri patch update.

  3. I've recieved emails from different people via the blog about the game and I've replied to the emails, though I don't think Blogspot actually sends my emailed replies back to the original user. Have people who emailed me recieved a response via email from me, or did I done goof?

  4. wow your really making me have a good day here, thanks for translating this. your an awesome person for working hard on this, looking forward for more of your updates.

  5. Thanks!
    Looking forward the next update.

  6. Thank you a lot for translating this game.

  7. Wish this guy would do the mother route next.

    Does that make me creepy? Im just intrigued to see how they justify him with his mother.