Thursday, June 16, 2016

Harakano - Kanna's Route 100% translated!

Hello all,

The first of the funded routes for HaraKano, Kanna's route, is finished! 100% of Kanna's route and after story epilogue is translated, revised, and now available in english!

Check out the patch here:

To install, download the above .zip archive.
Once downloaded, extract everything from the archive onto your computer.
Once extracted, move all the files and folders directly into the folder where you have Harakano installed (overwriting any duplicate files).
Run the game and enjoy (an english guide for the game buttons is available here:

This patch translates all of Kanna Tachibana's story mode and epilogue. Kanna is the mother of Marina and Tachibana, and good friend to Haruka and the Yagami family. Her route was the first funded route of HaraKano, thanks to donations from A.M. and M.A., and next up will be Kaho's route, followed by Haruka's.

Kanna's route is unfortunately much shorter than Marina, Ayana, and Ren's routes (running at about half the total lines), and like most all of Harakano doesn't make full use of its potential. But it is the way the writer wrote it/how Swaneye allocated the content; it's short and sweet, and unlike some other routes from Swaneye I've translated, it did leave me wanting the game to go into depth MORE rather than wanting it to have gone into depth LESS... not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I thank everyone for their continued interest (and patience) waiting for my translations, and especial thanks to everyone that has gone out of their way to support LQT, be it by donating, commenting, patch assistance, etc. It is all of great help, and I greatly appreciate it.

As said, next up is Kaho's route, followed by Haruka's, and as I work on those I will continue to work on Junketsu Megami-sama and Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - I'm about to go across country and be without internet for a month, so hopefully I can work on all of those more.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest, and hey! If you're really interested in HaraKano and its translation, be sure to check out the HaraKano Side Notes text file either included in the patch folder or posted on vndb here: (updated with each patch update).


  1. How do I access the harem rout to complete the cgs. I am stuck at 87% having completed all other routes, but absolutely nothing I try will do anything but usually default me to the Chiyo route, and for once Google was useless.

    1. HaraKano's Harem route is unnecessarily hard to trigger - here's what a JP guide I found for it recommends:

      After completing every heroine's route, start that game.
      Wait for Marina.
      Give in...
      Wherever you two want.
      On the Map: Select Kaho (on the road to school)
      Tell Her to sleep alone.
      I'll accept, Marina.
      On the Map: Select Kanna (at the Tachibana House)
      I worry about the Pres.
      Kanna-san (for whose email to read)
      On the Map: Select Ayana (at the Pool)

      Continuing the plot, Mari Aihara should appear, and will ask you three different questions. Select the top option for each of them. This will start the Harem Route, and unlock the bonus mode once the Harem route is finished.

    2. thanks that worked also i noticed a line in japanese on ren's bonus mode epilouge in the first few lines but it doesnt bother me unless what follows isnt its translation

    3. Yeah, the next line is the line's translation. Thanks for telling me about the miss.

    4. load of bull bonus mode does not unlock after completing the harem route i have finish the harem route and it is still not unlocked

    5. To get the bonus mode unlocked, it looks like you have to unlock 100% of the CGs. If you go to the CG viewer, it will tell you what percent of CGs you have unlocked.

      If you're using Donovan's patch, there's an error that prevents 100% of the CGs from being unlocked normally, so you will have to use the 100% savefile he included with his patch.

      If you're using my latest patch, the error has been fixed so you should be able to unluck 100% of the CGs by going through every route, but then the game menus will be in Japanese again.

      I apologize for not being able to fix Donovan's patch so the error is corrected, but he is the only one that knows how to modify his patch file, and I haven't been able to get ahold of him to fix it.

  2. Hey love your work and patches thanks for doing these routes as well I can understand the need for donations to do them. Good luck and take all the time you need ill keep an eye on this story as well as the others you are working on (or will be if you are solely working on this atm)

  3. Though the route(s) choices are fairly obvious, I still went ahead and translated/updated a Japanese walkthrough I found online for the routes LQT has completed so far should anyone feel they just have to have one (or reference against incorrect choices "just to see what happens" kinda thing...)

    • Wait For Marina.
    • Resist the urge.
    • Wherever you two want.
    • Ayana (dormitory)
    • Tell her to sleep alone.
    • I’ll accept Marina.
    • Marina (school route)
    • Maybe she’s fine.
    • Marina.
    • Marina (classroom)
    Marina END
    Load [SAVE1]
    • Ayana (student council room)
    • Maybe she’s fine.
    • Ayana (Pool)
    Ayana END
    Load [SAVE1]
    • Ren (courtyard)
    • I worry about the Pres.
    • Ren (park)
    Ren END
    Load [SAVE1]
    • Kanna (Tachibana household)
    • Maybe she’s fine.
    • Kanna (Tachibana household)
    Kanna END

    1. Mind you, you may want to make a save at the "Resist the urge" choice so you can choose "Give in..." for the Haruka route, once its completed and released.

  4. Hey Loe I edited most of the image files for this and adding download link for them here. I also made a second version of the patch that has these changes

    1. Files converted to utf-16le UNICODE so game will run WITHOUT Japanese Locale (works better for me this way)
    2. Edited image files were added along with others such as tooltip hints now in english
    3. Word-wrap in both message and history log before it was just message and slightly improved overall
    4. Brackets added to names so they're easier to read in history log
    5. Line and letter spacing decreased now lines and letters are closer together

    you can't use previous saves with it though, that's why I included the original and images for it separately.

    Before I forget I need help with these 2 images I got no clue what they say.

    Download link with modified and original patch:

    Thank you for the effort in these translations. I'm gonna attempt to mess with the images in the other games you've worked on if I have time.

    1. Oh man, thank you for the effort. In regards to the images you linked, they're actually just the character's names. The first says "Tanigawa Kei" (Kei's full name) and the second just says 'Marina'.

    2. Or wait, no, I'm dumb. The first one just says the name "Tanigawa Kei". The second one (with Marina's portrait) says "Shopping District". I just assumed it said Marina because of the image with Kei and because it had three kanji, like Marina's name. My bad.

    3. Thanks I'll edit those images when I get back home later and add them.

    4. Also forgot to mention that I have to do some more testing to make sure game works properly without japanese locale if people decid to play without it.

  5. Why i don't get kanna's after story ??? or do you get it in extra option???

    1. Kanna's story is in the 100% completion bonus mode, along with all the other after stories. Unfortunately with Harakano, to access it you must first unlock 100% of the CG gallery and see every route ending in the game (all the heroines, plus the harem route). Once you do that, there will be a small button that appears on the title screen that you can click which will bring you to the Bonus mode:

      For a guide on the menus/buttons, check out the imgur album here:

      The individual heroine routes are fairly easy to get. To get the harem route (which can be difficult to trigger) check out the guide here:

      If you don't want to go through the process of getting everything yet (since so many routes aren't translated), you can download a 100% completed savedata file here:

      Just download the file, extract the contents, and then move the 'datasu.ksd' file directly into Harakano's 'savadata' folder (located in the same folder where Harakano's installed). Overwrite the old datasu.ksd file and launch the game, and you should be able to access the Bonus mode.

    2. Oh thanks man I didn't know that i have to completed all the route first. One more question do you plan to translate Haruka's route after you done with Kaho's route???

    3. Haruka's route has been fully funded, so yeah, I'mma do it.

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  7. OK I'm done checking the patch.
    So you can keep your progress from the original to the new one but you just can't load your previous saves.
    Game can be run with or without Japanese locale(I prefer without).
    Most images were edited such as menus/names/places
    The character model option lists were not edited however the menu itself along with the character names were edited.(I might do it later but it's alot of images)
    I included the 100% save file inside.

    Download link:
    HaraKano!! Patch & 100% Save

    I plan on deleting the file after you get it Loe, I've already deleted the one in the above post

    1. Changed the draw box size of the mini text box. Should now be able to show 1 more line of text which should help with split text boxes download link updated

    2. I appreciate your effort with all of this, though I'll probably only implement it and update the translation patch when I'm finally finished with all of the routes.

  8. After applying the patch it appears that it only has been translated until Ran's route sadly, any idea about why is that happening?

    1. Go into the folder where Harakano is installed.
      There will be a folder named 'patch'
      Go into that folder.
      There will be many files (it should look like this: )
      Open the file named sc_kaho.ks

      Scroll through it. There should be lines in Japanese, but also lines in English. If there are only lines in Japanese, then you need to download the newest version of the patch from here: and then extract the files and folders from it directly into the Harakano folder (overwriting all the previous files).

      If there are lines in English, then the route is translated and you have the latest version of the patch (only Hiyo's route, Haruka's route, and the Harem ending are not translated) and something else is stopping you from having the latest version of the patch. Someone was having a similar problem; check out the discussion between me and Apichat Aungtragull at the bottom of the comments for this post: