Saturday, May 30, 2015

Still around and working on the Backlog: HaraPara 100% complete!

Hello all,

Suffice to say, I've been busy with numerous other things, like always seems to happen. But I am not gone or disappeared or anything, and while I've been dealing with things, I've been working on the Backlog of projects:

HaraPara is finally complete!

I think it was either the first or second project that I began for this translation group, and I've finally taken the time to finish it. It's been so long that it's doubtful anyone even still has it installed, but regardless! Presenting the Hara Para English Patch:

To install:
Install HaraPara however you may, anywhere on your computer's C:// drive.
Download from the Mediafire link above.
Extract all the contents of the archive
Move the contents into the folder where HaraPara is installed.
Delete all the data in the HaraPara's savedata folder
Run the game. It should be in English.

This patch translates 100% of each Natsuki's, Toua's, Kukuri's, Shion's, and Yuuna's routes, 100% of the Harem route, all the endings, all the common routes, and Mei-sensei's one(?) scene. TL;DR it translates pretty much all of Hara Para. The only thing is does not translate are the two H-scenes featuring Yuka, because I just couldn't (it translates the limited plot WITH Yuka, though, so there's that). It also contains some slight revision, and removes all the totally lame -SFX- translations, since back in the day, I was too lazy to actually bother to translate all of Swan's written sound effects.

As this is a game that  was translated over my entire translating career, though, expect marked differences in quality for each route. The first route translated what Natsuki's, followed by Toua's, and then Kukuri's. Only now did I finish with Yuuna/Shion's route and the Harem route, so no doubt they probably all read kind of weird from one to the other. I might revise the entire thing if it proves I have time, though that will be after HaraMiko is finished and Marina's, Ayana's, and Ren's routes are finished with HaraKano.

I apologize for taking so damn long with HaraKano, but things have been up and I have been slow.

Thank you all again for your patience and support, and hopefully I will be able to do more and finish more soon.



  1. Yes!!!!!!

    Thank you kind Sir!!

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  3. i got this error every time i run the game patched, and it seems to work fine without the patch. Any ideas? Thanks.

    1. 1. Make sure you have the game installed directly onto your harddrive (no external/removable media).
      2. After the patch files have been put into the game's folder, make sure the game isn't running, delete the savedata folder, then relaunch the game. It should work.

      What happens with the first issue is that Swan games at times don't work well when they're on external media. What happens with the second issue is that the game seems to detect the changes in the games script (from Japanese to English) in the save files, which then makes the game break. Not sure why, but deleting the savedata folder and starting over seems to fix it.

    2. The problem still exist, so heres what i did:
      1. install game onto local disk C (C:)
      2. replace file EDP4.dll
      3. Rename demo and copy and paste it onto main game folder
      4. Launch game using demo and close it immediately
      5. Adding the 2 patch files onto the main game folder. (patch folder and patch.xp3).
      6. Delete the savedata folder
      7. Relaunch game using demo, error shows up.

      If I remove the patch files at this point, the game seems to work (but remain untranslated).

    3. I should have looked closer at your screenshot before and realized this, but, uh... If the patch you downloaded and are trying to use is the patch from this blog post, this English patch is NOT for HaraKano. It is for HaraPara, an entirely different game by SwanMania:

      The BETA version of the HaraKano patch is what I have available for HaraKano and you can download it here:

      It is still unfinished, though. It translates NO character routes and only a portion of the common route for the three characters Marina, Ayana, and Ren.

    4. omg your right sorry for for being an idiot this whole time, should've pay closer attention to yourr post next time. Nevertheless thank you so much for the help and keep up with the good works.

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  5. i got this error every time i run the game patched and without the patch. I'm sure it's HaraPara, i changed my region to Japan and delete savedata everytime

    1. Looks like your computer doesn't have Japanese language support installed or wasn't in the proper locale when you installed the game.

      In your region settings makes sure of the following:
      Format (first tab) is set to Japanese
      Location (second tab) is set to Japan
      Administrative (third tab) has system locale set to Japanese.

      Once these are set, restart your computer, and install the game.
      Once installed, apply the crack to get the game to run (unless you bought it legally).
      Once finished with that, try to run the game using the appropriate .exe (there should be two if you use the crack - it is the harapara.exe NOT the data.exe).
      If the game runs, exit it and apply the patch (including deleting the savedata folder again).
      Run it again, it should be in English.
      If the game doesn't run, there's still some error that I do not know.

    2. oh, it works !!!
      thanks so much :D
      keep up with the good works, buddy

  6. Is the title screen translated as well? Mine doesn't seem to be.

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    2. Current patch doesn't allow image editing, so I couldn't make a patch of the interface. I made this, though, as a guide for all the important menus:

    3. I appreciate the quick reply! That'll help out a lot.

  7. so can someone give help here i instaled the game puted the crack and copyed and pasted the translation its still in japanese

  8. Sorry for the bother, I need some help

    So its 1:30 AM and I'm reinstalling all my VN's since I got a new motherboard. I get to Hara Para and after downloading the crack and get it working I open it up to make sure it works. Me being the sleep deprived night owl that I am forgot to close the game before installing the english patch, and now no matter how thoroughly I uninstall Hara Para I can't get rid of the save data, I have no idea where its located, can you help me out? Where might the folder be?

    1. If you installed it like normal, it would probably be located in C:\Program Files(x86)\Swan\孕ら☆パラっ!!~スワン中出しパラダイス~\savedata

      or somewhere along those lines, depending on your OS

    2. That's where I check, but there isn't a savedata folder, plus I completely delete it anyway and reinstall it. I have no idea where its saved. Here's a screencap of it after I've reinstalled it

    3. The savedata folder only appears after you've launched the game. If you've completely deleted the install, you don't have to worry about deleting the savedata folder before applying the patch; it doesn't exist anymore, anyway.

      Deleting the savedata folder is only a necessary step for the people that started playing the game in Japanese, who didn't want to delete their entire install in order to apply the English patch. Basically, if you have no savedata folder, you can apply the patch and not have to worry about it messing up the game due to incompatible savedata files.

    4. Ohh ok, so I derped badly and forgot to include the folder that was included in the original zip file. The weird thing is though the save that I made was still there after I deleted the whole install, yet the game still ran in english after I properly applied the patch, and there still isn't a save data folder.

      Either way I got the game running in english, thanks for helping me out, sorry for taking up your time ._.