Monday, December 28, 2015

Second Experimental Patch

A little bit more progress on the Junketsu patch, but only through Tia's first time in the prologue.

If you have Junketsu installed, same story as before, download the file, put it in your Junketsu Megami-Sama folder, and see how well the text does and doesn't display, and what gets captured by various text hookers.

I was working on it over the holidays, so it doesn't really translate much (again, just through Tia's first time in the prologue), but it does translate the choice option and chapter titles in the prologue. If you, fair reader, are up to it, this means you can test it so I can see how well these things do and don't work with text hookers and if there will be any problems getting the english version to "work" on different operating systems. None of the changes have made the game crash on launch, at least - more than what I can say for Swaneye titles.

In other news, HaraKano is on Ren's route still. Haramiko is on Uzuki's route still. Maman still needs to be revised and rewritten. I'm finally getting back to Mahoyo, though at no quick space, but I'm not certain if I should try to continue from where McJon01 left off, or just do the entire thing. I'm leaning towards the latter, if only because I'll probably do it better that way.

As usual, special thanks to everyone who has donated, especially to one certain individual, LR, who has donated four times(!). I really appreciate it, and judging by how many times the laptop crashed while translating this little, I probably really need it. Thank you so much.

Merry belated Christmas if you celebrate that sort of thing, kick-ass awesome Kwanzaa if you celebrate that, superb Solstice, happy Hanukkah, and so on and so forth. Happy new year, when we get to it~

I'd draw you all some Holiday/New Year thank you art, but yeah, no.

Thanks all!



  1. keep it up pal, we all respect your effort, and well, yearning for it any soon, but mean no pressure on you, thanks & happy new year to you and your beloved closing by

  2. Best wishes for the new year, and thanks for everything so far! :D

  3. Extremely excited for when you finish Ren's route!!! Keep up the good work Loe!