Thursday, November 26, 2015

Something to be thankful for? Experimental Patch.

Hello all,

Not much to say; I've been a bit busy with various things and various other things, not all of which have been fun. Harakano is, of course, still being worked on, as is Haramiko, and I hope to eventually get around to more of Mahoyo (though the first five chapters have already been translated thanks to the work of McJon01, and is available now for download. Check it out here).

In the meantime, though, it's Thanksgiving in the US, and the harvest time around much of the world. Usually a decent time to give thanks for what we have and show gratitude.

At some times, in some cultures, this thanks would be dedicated to certain gods and/or goddesses, ones that provided food, worked so the harvest would be plenty, and ensured the ongoing of life. Fertility gods/goddesses.

Relatedly, if anyone happens to have Junketsu Megami-sama installed, there's an experiment I would like some help with.

If you happen to have Junketsu installed and know your way around game engines and/or text hookers, you should download this patch:

Once downloaded, go to the folder where you have Junketsu Megami-sama installed (you might want to make a duplicate of it). Rename the original file to something else , then move the downloaded file into the game's folder.  You should still be able to run the game (if you can't, you should tell me about it).

What this is is an experimental patch to translate Junketsu Megami-sama. It is by no means complete (it only goes through the first scene or two of the introduction), and it doesn't display properly.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find some way to get the text to display right (provided, of course, that you have the skill working vn engines), or (if you don't have that skill) perhaps find the proper text hooker to run alongside the game so that the text hooker can hook the english text from the game and display it properly somehow (provided you know how to work modern text hookers).

Depending on how good or bad this goes (and the interest in it) I might try to take on all of Junketsu, and explore what other issues might come from creating an english translation for it (I only hope it doesn't have the savedata issues that Swan games have).

Other than that, Happy thanksgiving, happy harvest all!

Unrelatedly, if you happen to be feeling thankful for LQT's translations of varying quality and are capable of being generous, donations would certainly be appreciated, for some of the above mentioned less-than-fun things that have suddenly come up. I'd like to thank everyone who's supported LQT, enjoy my work, and have had the patience necessary to wait for said work to appear. I would like to give special shout out the eight anons who have donated a total of 142 dollars over the past year; your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

For reasons, I will not be posting any updates on Junketsu to the LQT twitter.

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  1. I was able to correct the formatting using the Visual Novel Reader text hooker. Just had to check the box that adds spaces between English words.