Monday, April 28, 2014


Mamankyoushitsu Common Route: 100% done.
Mamankyoushitsu Harem End: 100% done.
Mamankyoushitsu Momo Route: 20% done.

Momo's route will be the last of Mamankyoushitsu, and will be released alongside the Harem route. With luck, it will be done and completed by Friday. This will finish the Mamankyoushitsu Translation Project, with 100% translated into english. Unfortunately, the translation will remain unedited and unrevised (though undoubtedly, every route needs it) as this would take much more time and I feel most are fine with the current quality anyways. I make no promises where LQT will go from here, though I thank you all for your patience and your patronage of this project. BRB, Momo route translation.


  1. A complete translation is better than no translation! Keep up the amazing work your almost done after such a long time!