Sunday, March 23, 2014

Current progress

10 scenes left in Momo's route, five scenes left in the HArem route. This might be awhile. After that, possibly some translation of the buttons/images, but dunno.


  1. I'm very much looking forward to both Momo's route as well as the harem route, even if it takes some time - so please continue your great work :)

  2. At long last, keep up the good work!

  3. im been having a lotta trouble getting this game to work. I have been having the usual syntax error's before but now that i got passed that im getting an error in japanese i don't understand at all. it happens when i run a cracked version of the game through applocal
    linkto screeny:

    would love some help or to just understand what it says. thank you for any replies

    1. The error says that that file cannot be opened. I do not have much skill in getting games to run with applocale; I just switch my computer's region settings to Japan and play that way.

      However, I notice your computer is not displaying the characters for game properly (which is why there's all those question marks in the file's pathname). This might mean the game didn't install properly and/or cannot access its own files, due to the wrong pathname. I'd try re-installing, only this time, when the installer gives you the option of where to install to, just have it install to someplace in english (like a folder named Mamankyoushitsu).

      Secondly, you shouldn't be trying to use any crack to get the game to run. The error says you're trying to use mmsc (2).exe to run the game, but that isn't necessary. Just put the demo version of Mamankyoushitsu (it's named mmscex.exe) into the Mamankyoushitsu folder and run the game using that.

      If you don't have the demo .exe, you can get it easy enough, or do something even easier: remount the disc image of Mamankyoushitsu onto your computer. Open the disc from My Computer, then open the folder named おまけ (if your computer can't display those characters, it is the first and only folder that appears on the disc). Once opened, go to the folder named ままん教室!体験版. Open it and there should be a file named mmscex.exe. Copy and paste that into Mamankyoushitsu's installed folder, then use that .exe to run the game. If the folder names aren't being displayed properly, just dig around and you should find the exe. Don't rename the mmscex.exe.

      I'd personally reccomend just using Japanese locale when installing/playing the game, but that might not be viable for you. Hopefully someone else that reads this blog has experience running and installing the game using applocale.

    2. Thank you. Your Awesome. and the changing the path names helped :)
      Will donate as thanks :)

    3. No problem, and thank you greatly.