Saturday, October 31, 2020

Halloween Update - Junketsu Megami-sama Alpha Patch 2

 Long time no see, and Happy Halloween.

In ancient Japanese folklore, there is the belief that in the tenth month of the year of the Lunar Calendar many of the Kami leave their abodes to travel for a Kami congregation elsewhere, making the tenth month of the year the month without Kami, or "the month without gods". Since the Lunar Calendar is generally one month later than the gregorian calendar we use, that tends to mean the tenth month is actually our November. That so, I figured it was time for a Junketsu update, so you might get to check out these Kami/Goddesses.

So here's Alpha Patch 2 for Junketsu Megami-sama:

This patch changes the entire translation into first person present-tense narrative, for a more immersive read. It also translates every scene marked in purple on the chart:

Basically, it translates almost all of the main story for each of the Goddesses and Minami/Izanami. It doesn't translate the eight scene for the Goddesses, the ninth scene for Izanami/Minami, and their endings. Yet. 

If you have Junketsu Megami-sama installed, simply download the above file and put it into your Junketsu Megami-sama folder (overwriting the old file). When you launch the game, the in-game text (not images and not every choice) should be in English.

Note: I still have not figured out the text display issues, so you will need to launch the game with a text hooker and clipboard capture program to properly read all the english text. I used to use Chiitrans, but I'm not sure if that's still available.

If you find any issues. glitches, or mistakes with the translation, please inform me here on or twitter at:

In other news, I have recently translated the second and third chapter's of Kokonoki Nao's Pregnant Succubus Series, and you can find galleries of them on the Sad Panda.

And if the concept of a pregnant Succubus happens to be of interest to you, please remember that SwanEye's visual novel HaraChuChu is still translated and available.

My apologies for being so slow to update here on the blog, but I try to limit this to only updates that feel worthwhile. Thank you for your continued support, stay safe outside and with friends, and support one another.

Happy Halloween~



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    1. Happy New Years pop over just for the heck of it didn't know you updated patch, well here's a fix for the weird word display if anyone wants to know just download ntleas and unzip the folder in the place of your choosing and then your setup on the program should look like this