Saturday, March 14, 2020

Super quick update

Where has LQT been? What have I been doing?

Short answer: revising Junketsu Megami-sama to be in the first person present tense and continuing the translation. It's not done yet, but I've been working on it every day.

Long answer: Working on Junketsu Megami-sama


Translating chapter 1 and 2 of "Miss Saeki's Black Cat" by  Yuuki Ray.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:


Translating "I Figured I'd Try to Summon a Succubus, but..." by Kokonoki Nao.

Gallery available on G.e-hentai and Sad Panda (but I can't link them here), original Japanese available on DMM

What next?

Thanks to helpful users, I have the ability to translate and insert an english script into:

Harami Tama


Iegami Nyoubou

I'll start looking at those once I finish with Junketsu.


  1. Could you translate swaneye game haramin and hara hara?

    1. I have the patch and files to translate Haramin, but I really don't want to. Not the entire game. If someone else wants to translate Haramin, I will glady send them the files and tell them how to properly edit them.

      I unfortunately do not have any of the necessary files for HaraHara.

  2. i love every work you done for us thank you so much^^

  3. Glad to see you're still around. Love so much of your work.