Thursday, June 7, 2018

Partial Patches' Partial Updates

Hello all, and my apologies for seeming so out of touch. I usually don't update the blog unless I have something worthwhile to update with, so all my recent news has just been posted on the LoeQuality Twitter.

Today I do have SOME updates, for both Junketsu Megami-Sama and HaraChuchu. They aren't quite as finished as I want them to be, but I'm about to go out of town for a week and I don't want to risk losing any of the work I've done and/or something not good happening.

As such, here we go:


Ena's Route is finished. Her epilogue is not. I have updated the Harachuchu patch so you can enjoy her route, and then I hope to finish her epilogue sometime later (right now only the start of the epilogue is done - I've included that in the update, too, but it won't be satisfying).

Download the HaraChuChu patch here:

To install, download the .zip.
Extract all the files/folders in it
Move all the files/folders into Harachuchu's folder (overwrite any old files)
If you get an error when you launch the game, delete the savedata folder and re-launch (you will lose all your save files. My apologies).

Junketsu Megami-sama

I have completed more of the story routes for the goddesses. The way the game generally works is each heroine has Slice of Life story scenes followed by erotic scenes, then childbirth. The first patch translated the first round of all that for all the goddessess. This patch... it translates almost all of the Slice of Life scenes for the goddesses (except the end of Kyubere's), but not all the erotic scenes. Vishnu's scene is done, but all the others? Not yet. This is primarily an update to see if the choices during childmaking and daughter interviews work. I translated the first daughter interview (Vishnu's daughter Narasimha), and the choices for her, but I'm not sure how well the translation will work with people's versions of the games. So... download the new patch and check and see. If your game crashes or gets odd error messages, please please please tell me.

Note: during childmaking, the choices are translated BUT... if you click 'on second thought' it will open the 'Load Game' screen. It will not go back to the previous choice selection screen. Fortunately, Junketsu autosaves at every choice, so if you really want to go back just find the right save. The last time I tried to edit the childmaking choices, clicking 'on second thought' made the game crash so I guess this could be progress...

This translates all of Vishnu's next erotic scene and her following SoL scene
This translates the start of Rhea's next erotic scene
This translates no other character's next erotic scene
This translates Rhea's, Tiamat's, and Astarotte's next SoL scene
This translates almost all of Kyubere's next SoL scene
This translated the interview with Vishnu's first daughter Narasimha
This tries to translate in-game choices for childmaking/interviews without breaking the game

Anyways, here's the link to download the latest partial patch-

To install, download the .med file.
Move it into Junketsu's folder (overwrite the old file)
Launch the game.

NOTE: you will still need a text hooker to capture the english text to your clipboard,
and clipboard monitor to take the copied text and post it in a read-able format.
You will probably need an H-Code for your text hooker. You can find one possible code on Junketsu's VNDB Discussion page:


I found and translated a quaint little doujin about two mothers. It's called 'Futari no Mama de', by the artist 'Ritsu' and the group 'Inu no Isshou'.

You can read it on SadPanda or other galleries.
You can buy it and support the author/artist here:

Judging by the end page, it sounded like the artist was initially unsure of the story, but I like it well enough; it'd be cool to see where he/she/they take it from here.

I also gave a slight update to the Harakano Parody route, and will probably do so again. I use it to learn about Swan's coding language/style. Feel free to download either version of the Harakano patch to check out its latest iteration.

Other other

Thank you so much to J.C. for donating 50 dollars, for the completion of Ena's Route. I'm not actually planning on charging for any of Harachuchu, but it is appreciated anyway, and I apologize for not yet having the complete epilogue available for reading. Thanks as well to M.U. for donating 1 dollar a month to LQT.

Lastly, thank you to all of you reading for being continually patient with me and putting up with so many delays, errors, and general lack of timeliness and overall quality. Thank you.



  1. Thank you.I really enjoyed Hara Chuchu so far.

  2. Replies

  3. thank you very much I enjoyed playing harachuchu, but my question is whether they will continue to translate the missing routes or not?


    2. Thanks you very much and good job!!!
      You´re cool

  4. Nicely done Loe!!!

    I'd like to at some point edit the patch code by touching up the text display, name tags and maybe edit some of the game menus but at the moment I'm not really motivated... Maybe when the patch is complete I'll be more motivated to do it.

    1. I'm referencing the HaraChuchu patch if anyone is wondering.

    2. That would be greatly appreciated. About how long might it take to make such a patch? I'm looking to have the entire game finished by Friday. I've made a simple menu guide like I did with Harakano, though I'm not sure if you'd need it:

  5. Hi, incredible stuff man! Are there any updates for Junketsu Megami-sama?

    1. I'll work on Junketsu after Harachuchu is finished.