Saturday, April 22, 2017

Junketsu Progress

Hello all,

So it's been a rather long time since I've made any sort of update on the blog (the LQT twitter is a different story), but that's pretty much because I haven't had much of anything to update with. That hasn't really changed, but after four months I might as well.

For the record, progress on Junketsu is continuing as expected. I am working on it when I'm able, though admittedly it doesn't have the highest priority when it comes to what I do on my free time - it has the second highest priority.

By my estimate, there are 128 script files left to complete the game's STORY. This excludes the child making scenes, the birth scenes, and the daughter scenes. My plan will be to complete these story segments first and release them as another beta patch (so people can figure out how to get the translation to be legible on their system set ups). After that I will focus on completing the child making/birth/daughter scenes. Once those are done and revised, I'll update the patch and that SHOULD be all of Junketsu translated.

Should be.
Here's why it might not be:

Looking through some of the script files, I notice there are a couple of text files that SHOULD contain some sort of Japanese to be translated, but only display junk characters when opened - the sort of characters that get displayed when you try to load Japanese text without East Asian language support. These files don't seem to be anything story related (they are only about two or three lines of 'text' total) and MIGHT just be chapter titles for the user's save files (each segment has its own title which displays on the save/load file select screen), but I honestly don't know. There also SEEMS to be a segment missing from the common route (the script files suddenly jump a number, from TXMP0_08_01.txt to TXMP0_10_01.txt), but I'm not actually sure. I didn't accidentally delete the file - when I run the script extractor on the base install, the missing file still isn't there. Either the script extractor isn't getting the file, or for whatever reason TXMP0_09_01.txt just doesn't exist.

In regards to the actual quality of the translation...

Junketsu Megami-Sama will read better than it looks, at least for the beta patches. I am trying to write the translation to be more fitting for how English speakers would say the lines given, and provide some scenes with a bit more exposition on what's actually going on in them (since they would read somewhat janky otherwise). Unfortunately, the Junketsu patch is not nearly so kind as the Swan patches were, and does not allow me to add or remove any lines from the script files. This means what's said on some lines in Japanese must be fit in it's entirely onto the same lines for the english translation. Japanese tends to be a lot more concise than English (for example, '中出しさせているの気持ちい' only takes thirteen characters to say in Japanese, but takes at least thirty five in english) so some of the more text heavy lines of Junketsu will in fact probably go a little off the screen.

This would be a matter of concern if the in-game english translation was actually legible, but it's not so it isn't. If you use a text hooker to grab the translation (which seems to be the only way to do it right now) it will grab the whole line of text, regardless of whether it fits on the game screen. So no worries... but it won't look beautiful.

I have no ETA for when the Story beta patch will be released. I have hopes that I have stated, but I will not make any promises. Check out the Loe Quality twitter at to get progress updates as they occur.

Thank you all for your continued patience with this project, as well as all your past support  Special thanks to C.P., A.N., and M.A. for their donations to LQT. They are very much appreciated.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, I unfortunately have no plans to translate Welcome to Elf-vale/Youkoso! Lewd Elf Forest. It looks like the story is cool and interesting (because I read visual novels for their stories), but I do not want to have it as another project waiting in the wings - my apologies.



  1. Thanks for the update LQT :)
    I hope sometime in the future you'll translate Overdose's Yu no Mura Harem -Kyonyuu Haramase Onsen Taizai K, it seems similar with Harakano with more decent graphics.

  2. Bro just passing by here to sohow my gratitude. Thank you so much for your work!

  3. I know you say you don't have any plans to translate Welcome to Elf-vale/Youkoso! Lewd Elf Forest but if you ever change your mind I for one would greatly appreciate it. I also second the request for Yu no Mura Harem -Kyonyuu Haramase Onsen Taizai K, made by CvkHawk1547. A lot of work i know hence why i am a very patient person. I will patiently await any of your releases and appreciate you for all you do.

  4. are you able to translate hara min by syaneye?

    1. I have the script files for Haramin, but it's not a project I want to pick up. If anyone else wants to try to translate Haramin, I can send them the script files and a brief guide on how to edit them into English/any other language

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    1. Still alive, but I usually don't post an update on the blog unless I have something actually worthwhile to update with. In the meantime, small updates and stuff get posted on the twitter:

      and I can be reached via the discord: