Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Regarding Script Errors

Hello all,

I've gotten a number of people reporting script exceptions/errors when they try to launch Mamankyoushitsu/reach certain scenes in Mamankyoushitsu. By and large, this is caused when the game encounters a change in the script files for each route (like a script file that was in Japanese suddenly is in English). There is only one way I've found to solve this problem, whenever it occurs:

1. Close any instance of the game that may be running with the task manager.

2. Go into the folder where Mamankyoushitsu is installed, and access the 'savedata' folder.

3. Delete these three files: 'data999.ksd', 'datasc.ksd', and 'datasu.ksd'

4. Restart the game.

This will erase all of your savedata for Mamankyoushitsu (you can skip text by holding ctrl to get back to where you were quickly), but will make it so that the game will use the translation patch for all translated text, provided the translation patch is properly installed. ALWAYS USE THE MOST RECENT TRANSLATION PATCH. THIS POINT IS MOOT BECAUSE I ALWAYS OVERWRITE THE OLD TRANSLATION PATCH WITH THE NEW ONE. ALWAYS RE-DOWNLOAD THE TRANSLATION PATCH AND PUT THE patch.xpc FILE AND patch FOLDER DIRECTLY INTO THE MAMANKYOUSHITSU FOLDER (when the game isn't running).

As some people have also had problems with getting the Bad End and not realizing it (my bad; I didn't translate it), I have updated the Translation patch with the Bad End. It triggers when you do not select the proper choices to enter any one heroine's route. Here you go:


If you install the patch and get a script exception or other error, see the above guide^

Further translation of Mamankyoushitsu is still on the shelf. Feels batman.

Maybe someone should post a guide or something to this game....


  1. Thank you for the work, Though I think I should hold myself off and wait patiently for the complete patch. If only I could help but I don't have any experience with VN TLing and other stuff required to TL a VN. Anyway, I wish you luck!

  2. Well if people really want it i can make a walkthrough for it, as i have completed all routes, and i am pretty confident in being able to explain how i got to the different routes.

  3. it would be on this site though, as a comment, as i dont really know my way around forums too well :P

  4. Nice work. Hoping you could also do Hara Para!!! especially Kukuri route :)

    1. Kukuri's route is, in fact, in the works. She's one of my favorite heroines from Swaneye, but since it's doubtful I'll be able to give Harachu a translation to any length, this is the next closest thing.

  5. Any chance you could do Kukuri route in Harachu?

    1. Not unless someone can make the proper patch for it like Bonzaimonkey was awesome enough to do for Mamankyoushitsu, Harapara, and Harakano.

  6. Ok,. where can I get the game and HTH do I install this patch?

    1. Legally, I can't tell you how/where to illegally acquire the game. Searching Anime-sharing.com or sukebei.nyaa.se or google might be a good idea, unless you want to straight up buy it.

      As for the patch, let's start from the beginning:

      Acquire Mamankyoushitsu somehow,

      Install the game onto your harddrive (and apply whatever copyright protection bypassing it might need)

      Download and INSTALL either WinRAR ( http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm ) OR 7-zip ( http://www.7-zip.org/download.html )

      Download the patch for Mamankyoushitsu from where I have it linked

      Open the downloaded patch with WinRAR or 7zip (if you use 7zip, you should open it with 7zipFM, the 7zip file manager)

      Once open, look for the Extract button in whichever program you use (Winrar or 7zip)

      There are two things to extract from the patch: the 'Patch' folder, and 'patch.xp3'. Use the extract button to extract both of them, intact (it should make a new folder containing the two items: the 'Patch' folder and 'patch.xp3')

      Drag and drop these two items (the folder and the xp3) into the folder for Mamankyoushitsu (so drag and drop the Patch folder and patch.xp3 you extracted directly into Mamankyoushitsu's folder on your harddrive, wherever you installed it)

      Start the game

      Start the story (should be the top most button on the in-game menu)

      It should be patched.

  7. I can't wait til you finish translating Mamankyoushitsu, I'm really liking the stories <3
    Thanks for your hard work!

  8. If anyone needs a walkthrough, simply go to
    http://g-seeker.net/game/m/maman.html. 愚者の館 has a pretty sophisticated guide for this game. I guess that's all the contribution I can make. Again, thank you loe for all your hardwork