Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not the release I'd been hoping for.

EDIT: Updated dl link

While on the twitter, I mentioned that I had hoped to have at least the Hazuki Kagura Route done and uploaded by the end of this week for Haramiko, numerous problems regarding my current housing situation (and lack thereof) have caused it to be delayed. I have not been completely inactive though, I do have something for people to check out if they're interested. Onaji Sora Translations (the ones working on Haramin) recently released a beta patch for the game so you can check the quality of the translation and give an opinion. After seeing some of the comments for the unrevised Mamankyoushitsu translation patch, I think that'll probably be a good idea for me to try, too. While the Haramiko common route is already done, I'd rather not release that without at least one full route done as well, considering how short the game is.

As such, I have the first part of the HaraKano translation here, for anyone who currently has the game (and the time) to give their opinion on regarding its quality. Plot wise, it is just the introduction to all of the characters and day one of the story, but it is an accurate translation (this time; no April Fools), it has been fully revised for comprehension, and it does give you an idea of each character's personality. If you want to be a beta reader for HaraKano English, please download this archive and extract the files into the HaraKano install folder (exactly like you do all the other translation patches) and see if you like how it reads

English Patch on Mediafire

I apologize it's not more, but things are going on. At least let this show that the project is not dead, nor merely an April Fools joke.

Unrelatedly, great thanks to everyone who donated to LQT these past few weeks; I had received a desktop from some friends to replace the dead and dying LQT laptops, and with aid from the LQT readers and other friends, that desktop is now fully operational.

Meanwhile, Onaji Sora No Shita De Translations is continuing work on HaraMin and HaraTsumaNurse -

And a new(?) group, Crying Translation, is working on translations of various Swan, Norn, and other games -

I am working on translating Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki but I think I want to get a better typesetter than myself before I release it, since I am not good enough with Gimp to make the translation look good on the pages. Personally, I'm just glad to be working on something non-hentai

Again, I thank all of you for reading, donating, commenting, and supporting, and apologize that I've had so little to give in return. Hopefully that may change soon, but things look not fun :C



  1. just letting you know the link isn't working. Unless I'm just being a dumbass about it. Can you put it on a drop box or something? I'm curious to see how far you got.

    1. Updted the link with a mediafire version. Should work.

    2. The download is working perfectly, Thanks.

  2. Apparently, dropbox's "temporary" disabling of access to my files due to going over the limit was a lot longer than I thought it'd be; they're still not available for download, literally months after the 10gb download limit was exceeded with the Mamankyoushitsu patch files. Google drive used to let people download, but that seems to have changed as well if the link isn't working. I guess I need to find a better filehost; any suggestions?

    As for progress, it goes to the end of the first full day in game, when MC is bathing with his mother. It's not very far, but it does introduce all the heroines and their personalities and stuff, so I figured I'd put it up there.

  3. I am glad someone ended up donating! I sent you a few emails asking what types of hardware you would need for a replacement, because I get massive discounts from Newegg because I know a few people. I am fine with sending money, but I was asking for what you needed in particular since I can get them really cheap and then ship them to you. You never responded, but if you ever are in need of stuff like that again please don't hesitate to tell me! You have my email anyway,
    ~Shadolance out

  4. Actually now that I really think about it, some guy offering to send you computer parts must sound really fuckin sketch... that didn't even cross my mind until just now... Here's what I can do - I can send you some money and then ask my buddies over at Newegg to generate discount codes for you to use when you purchase. That's totally possible and doesn't require me to pay for shipping either XD If this is more appealing, or you just need money period for something in particular, let me know! (I just like to know what it's getting spent on, that's about all)

  5. Hey there, hope you work is going well, looking forward to more Swan's translations.

    Thank you

    1. Currently working on Hazuki's route in Haramiko and a Norn project with another group, in addition to school stuff :y

  6. Hello, best wishes to you.

    Do you have a planned update patch for the Harakano translation sometime soon?
    Thank you for working on that game, its awesome, your're awesome!