Monday, April 18, 2016

Where we go from here (and Junketsu Alpha Patch #2)

First off, I must give my thanks to Tay and the people behind the weekly Visual Novel Translation Status update. Not only do they provide updates about new and active translation projects (including mine, at times), yet hearing of my ongoing and annoying problems with medical bills, they reached out on their own accord and included a mention of me in their weekly updates, to try and raise some money for me to cover some of my costs. They asked nothing in return, and surprisingly(?) a couple people actually did donate. So thank you so much to Tay and VNTS.

And especial thanks to the people who did donate; I'd mention you by name, but that'd probably be a bad idea. So, in acronym, thank you to HDC, AJ, TF, AN, MJ, XC, CP, LR, and MA. It's so appreciated, I'd like to have the skill to do fanart for you. Thanks and shout outs as well to everyone who donated even before these medical bills.

Second off, the new way I'm doing projects.

When I first started LQT, I had a number of projects I wanted to do. I still have a number I want to do, but I've found out I can only do so much at a time, and if I take on too much at once I create an unfortunate backlog of projects which I might not ever get around to, but people might still be waiting to see. HaraMiko and HaraKano started this way, and if you recall, it literally took me two years to finish three routes of Harakano because of it.

So I am going to avoid the backlog.

From here on out, LQT will have two categories of projects. Active Projects and Future Projects.

Active Projects are projects being worked on actively. They will get all the attention and all of the work whenever I have the time. They may even have time specially put aside for them, if demand/interest is high enough.

Future Projects are projects that I want to work on in the future, but am not working on currently (and make no guarantee of getting to). They will receive none of the attention and have no work done on them until I finish more of the active projects and make room. Basically, they're on queue.

A future project can become an active project sooner, but pretty much only if one or more people decide to fund the project. How much funding any given future project might require depends on the project. Commissions can also be requested (and if I agree to do it, then the commission will certainly become an active project, but the details behind that will vary with each project).

That explained, there are currently two active projects that I am working on:

Junketsu Megami-Sama by LUNE


Mahou Tsukai no Yoru by Type-Moon

These two projects get all of my attention until their completion. They will be the only active projects until they're done, unless someone funds another project.

In regards to future projects, I have a couple in mind, but I can only give an actual price estimate for one: the works of SwanEye and/or Swanmania.

Thanks to the work of Bonzaimonkey, I have the script files and patches for HaraMin, HaraKano, HaraChuchu, Hitozuma Onee-san, and Mamankyoushitsu and HaraPara. Work has been done on a number of these (a lot of it by myself) but if anyone wants to see a specific character route translated from any of these games, then I can safely say it would cost 200 usd for me to do (unless it's a revision of Mamankyoushitsu or HaraPara, in which case the whole revision would just cost 200). If a route gets funded, it will immediately become an active project, and indeed be of higher priority than the projects I'm doing for fun. Be aware though, that with HaraChuChu the common route would have to be translated as well.

Now, for something of more interest:
Junketsu Megami-Sama Alpha Patch #2
Awhile ago a kind anon helped me get access to the script files for Junketsu Megami Sama and made a patch so I could put edited scripts back into the game... kinda. Now that Harakano and Haramiko are finished, I've been able to devote more time to the project. So, if you happen to still have it installed, here is the second alpha patch for Junketsu Megami-sama:

To install it, just download that file and put it directly into the folder where you have Junketsu Megami-sama installed (overwrite the old file).

This patch translates the entire prologue of the game, but may require some extra effort to properly utilize.

Junketsu Megami-sama has the weird tendency to condense English alphabet characters when they're displayed in game (so 'm' appears like 'n' and 'w' looks like 'v'), so in order to actually read anything from the patch, after installing it you will probably have to use a text hooker program with the game to capture the english and display it more legibly. Unfortunately, I do not know of a good program to do this with, nor do I have instructions on how to get it done; it's an alpha patch and I haven't quite figured that part out yet (indeed, I'd like to make a request that anyone who does figure out a good way to do it, please send me a tweet, email, or blog post about just how you did it and what you used. Also feel free to point out any spelling or grammar mistakes I may have made; it's an alpha translation, I'm gonna revise it).

My apologies to have so little to show for such a long blog post; I think the Junketsu patch is worth checking out (if you have the text hooker set up right), but it's really only a couple scenes and exposition, though it does give a nice look at some of the characters and their personalities. Unfortunately I do not have any ETA on when more of Junketsu or Mahou Tsukai will be done, as real life is currently taking up entirely too much of my time. My apologies again, and as always, my thanks to everyone for waiting so long and so patiently.

Unrelatedly, if you would like to simply support LQT without any specific translation project request, please feel free to donate. Everything helps and is greatly appreciated, and I'll even tweet or post your initials in a thank you message... not that that's really doing much.

Thank you all again,



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  2. So, how much money will it take to translate something different than the works of SwanEye Mahou Tsukai no Yoru and, Swanmania.